Cyberpunk 2077 New Update Is BIGGER Than Expected – New Features, Player Resurgence, Mods, & MORE!

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Start spreading the word! The comeback is on thanks to a combination of Edgerunner, mods, and some hard work by CD Projekt Red!

Retro Rebound:

Intro: 00:001:06
Player Count Surge: 1:075:45
Mods: 5:467:44
Secret Features: 7:4510:43
Future Of Cyberpunk: 10:4413:34
Conclusion: 13:3513:55

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40 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 New Update Is BIGGER Than Expected – New Features, Player Resurgence, Mods, & MORE!”

  1. The only reason this game surges soo hard is cus of the toxic fanbase that attacks anyone who has anything bad to say about the game. litraly i know some people who was soo overhyped for the game they brought it on several platforms like steam and epic just to give more money to cdpr. ffs i know people who have played the game 5 times in a row IN A ROW. i havent even done that for portal a game that i once obsessed over. no the biggest issue with cyberpunk was never the poor release or the shady development it was always the overhyping over entitled fanboys that seam to think its blasfamus to say you didnt like cyberpunk. and its for this reason i will never retry the game no matter how "better" it gets

  2. One MASSIVE expansion is enough. Just move on ok. I really want CDPR to push out the 'CP2077 2.0' update and the expansion, which should completely overhaul the game, and then call it a day and go full steam ahead on WITCHER 4. Because that's what the vast majority of CDPR fans want.

  3. I agree another season would be great! Of course they would have to have a new MC. But if they added other characters that are trying to survive Night City in their own way. Maybe a Netrunner as the next main character would be cool to see!

  4. Devs are still hanging around PS4 and XBONE because this is easily the least adopted gen in long while. They don’t want to cut off half or more of their sales just because of graphics (which console gamers care for much less than PC)

  5. They should drop the ridiculous "1 & only major expansion" thing. Do a season 2 of the show & lean even more into cross content with that.
    I think they will do this. They couldnt have anticipated this resurgence- not these levels.

  6. I'm so happy about all this, the show was amazing, and I don't even really like Anime.

    The story in Cyberpunk 2077 (especially the side quests) are some of my favourite in a video game I've ever played, and easily the best I've played in years.

  7. I've wanted to jump back in for so long but was waiting for updates. And in my old age now I only play 1 game at a time. Whether its 2wks or 3 months i play until I finish it and then move on. Between Elden Ring and some old classics I missed like skyrim and New Vegas ive been very busy this year. I still have like 4 games i bought n never played. Gotta try to get CP2077 back in before 2023.

  8. I really hope they make a new cyberpunk game or remake the current one.. The world and lore is so interesting and just like Fallout there is a connection with the real world but it diverges from a point in history

  9. the removal of legendary clothing mods from shops is inconvenient but makes sense from a balance standpoint. if they're just able to be bought whenever, the game has to be designed MUCH harder or it becomes too easy and boring combat-wise. completely understand the removal here.

  10. Before this game launched, there were pretty solid speculations of future expansions with such fantastic locations as orbital satellite or moon based casinos or whatever…
    Basically, if they manage to reach a 2.0 version that would have considered "not bad" at launch, then they can speak again.
    Otherwise I think the game isn't bad at all now, objectively, but it's still so far from what it should have been.

    Thanks for your videos!

  11. I have it on the xbox one x and I'm really happy they decided to stop updating the old gen consoles. I'm sad I won't get to play the expansion till I have enough money for a new gaming pc, but I know the older gen consoles just can't handle it. I can't wait to start modding the game too! The Modding community is so insanely talented.

  12. Shows how far ahead Microsoft was…TV integration…cross medium IP progression… Microsoft saw this all in before 2013…

    But blew it by being too aggressive…what they did with quantum Break maybe the future of how to blow up a game with casuals.

  13. The anime was phenomenal, the game is still trash. The city is essentially pointless. You drive to hubs and complete repetition. The show introduced so many things that could be added to change that. Pick sockets with black markets. Stealing cars and fencing them. Building a crew and planning heists and so on. All if this requires the police AI and AI in general to be overhauled though.

  14. I was inspired and started a new run and within the first 90 minutes had encountered random T-posing, hair randomly disappearing and a mission glitch. What a letdown lol, but i'll keep going and hope it was just a shaky start.

  15. As much as I love the original Cyberpunk 2020 and Cyberpunk Red, I’d love a DND 5e adaptation for this world, I’ve always preferred the d20 system over the d6 system plus most of my friends wouldn’t care to learn a whole new system and would rather stick with DND 5e

  16. On the topic of resident evil 4 coming to ps4, I wish I had a ps5 or a pc but a pc is too much money for me, and the ps5 (if i can find one) is usually 800 to 1000 dollars which is just ridiculous


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