Cyberpunk 2077 Safe & Sound III

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Safe & Sound – NCPD – Sergeant Dobs – Cyberpunk 2077


24 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Safe & Sound III”

  1. As an owner of a pug, I feel bad for Mr. Puggins. He has breathing problems because of poor breeding, he's fat for same said reasons, and now Sergeant Dobs is giving him shit. He just wants to get to work man, let him be.

  2. I hate how they made everything louder than the announcer providing the useful information. They better patch this istg. I actually enjoyed just sitting around in the hotel room in game and watching these.

    Speaking of, is this only viewable in Konpeki Plaza? I couldn't get it at V's apartment.

  3. Why is the audio so messed up on these three videos? I've tried different headsets even a different laptop and I can't hear most of what the characters are saying on this and the other to stay safe videos

  4. Rule #1: Do not look at an NCPD officer too long
    Rule #2: Do not, at any point, touch a NCPD officer, even by accident.
    Rule #3: Do not, while attempting to decapitate some random citizen with a yellow icon above their head, manage to injure an individual whom does not have a yellow icon above their head.
    Rule #4: Do not attempt to defend yourself from officers that materialize right behind you in an elevator, bathroom, or enclosed balcony.
    Rule #5: Do not, and I repeat DO NOT attempt to cross the street and briskly walk a few hundred feet away from pursuing officers. JUST DON'T DO IT


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