Cyberpunk 2077 – Huge Blow To CDPR & A Big Change To The Game's Future (Cyberpunk News)

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Cyberpunk 2077 – Huge Blow To CDPR & A Big Change To The Game’s Future (Cyberpunk News)
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30 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Huge Blow To CDPR & A Big Change To The Game's Future (Cyberpunk News)”

  1. Okay so PC modders are making the game better so what the f*** CD Project Red is doing over there then? I hope this new update they plan to do better be a ballpark scenario I don't think they realized that this update definitely is a Make it or break it type thing

  2. Thanks for the vid as always good stuff. I like this new aspect of the Immersive Fashion mod. I had tried once before but didn't like for some reason or another but looks as though I should give it another look. The stealth aspect of it of dressing a certain way to go undetected reminds me Watch Dogs Legions, but could be even more so. In WD you still have to be careful not to get to close to the enemy but this seems to allow you more free roaming. Pretty cool.
    I do like the stand alone car, did have some problems with it at first but seems better now although does still cause a crash now and then.

  3. Something YouTube needs to add is reporting click bait video titles. As far as the "huge blow" is concerned, not that much of a blow. Way I see it, after years of work and earning quite a lot of money, retiring or seeking something new to do is quite normal.

  4. Only the graphics is good of this game, that even only in the night. Everything else is bs about this game. I think SOME people force their brain to like this bs game just to keep up with the hype.

    Lip sync, movements, missions, physics, AI, police system, loot menu, overall story – all these are bad if you think and compare it to other games. When I see people still liking this game I'm bound to think that he MAYBE forcing his brain to do so.

  5. Maybe perhaps this is a good thing yk…perhaps a whole fresh new team IS what CDPR needs to redeem themselves for Cyberpunk.

    EdiT: Also, that Arasaka thing reminds me more of Ghost Of Tsushima than Hitman. In Hitman its like, only specific enemies can detect you, called like, "Enforcers", while in Ghost Of Tsushima, the Mongolian Commander Armor doesn't fully make you completely disguised, but rather drastically reduces the detection distance and speed.

  6. For me it's a very bad news when important people leave a company (the snowball effect is just started). That happens with BioWare … Blizzard… at the end the company is almost dead.
    When I think of the drama when Mass Effect Andromeda came out, you remember ?
    And for this game only the console thing was a problem ? Sorry on PC is a shame too, finally ME:A was not so bad with his issues , less rushed, in my opinion, as this mess of CybperPunk 2077 on PC. 
    CD Project Red hardcore fans are more tolerant as BioWare hardcore fans ? Maybe ^^
    Or these days it's normal putting out broken games and fixes later this things. Bethesda was visionaries finally 🙁

    RIP CD Red Project for me.

  7. Hi. We must pray, fast & hope very deeply that CDPR will be beloved again, forgiven, like a friend we don't leave when things aren't going well and Make CDPR & Cyberpunk 2077 Great Again.

    God bless.

  8. What if, instead of making the modders fix their game, CDPr started finally to fix it and improve it… mind boggling, eh?! Nah, it easier to make the community work hard for free! Same as Bethesda with Skyrim! Make incomplete, buggy games, and let the community improve them!

  9. I dislike that you included mod news with official news with your thumbnail and title not alluding to that. It appears as though CDPR is the cause to the fix instead of the community


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