The Most Disturbing Location in Cyberpunk 2077

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Today we look at an inaccessible yet disturbing location within Cyberpunk 2077. Just where did it originate…

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22 thoughts on “The Most Disturbing Location in Cyberpunk 2077”

  1. on the topic of noclipping i honestly wonder where the crystal palace and cyberspace sections are i had a thought maybe the cyberspace stuff was the giant flat surfaces under the map but maybe not tbh.

  2. the school was in Laguna Bend now under 400 feet of water game wise that is, yet it been cool to have another like it for us to explore or do a creepy mission in besides a Braindance

  3. The implication here is that the BDs actually move the player to a locarion on the map, which makes sense for the farm and konpeki plaza but also implies that you might be able to find that shop that the gangoon got shot in Judy's tutorial XBD.

  4. Wouldn't the school be underwater, I thought they mentioned it was in Laguna Bend. So it could have been included in Pyramid Song, but I suppose connecting those two quest lines wouldn't have complimented their tones.

  5. I just done this quest a few days back and I found it bizarre that a story like it was in the game, I wanted more. I hope Phantom Liberty adds more creepy mystery stories like it.


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