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Cyberpunk 2077 fails to capitalize on its stunning art direction and promising premise with a game that fails to deliver on gameplay, performance and scope.

While a strong main narrative and fantastic turn by Keanu Reeves leave some enjoyable moments to be found, the outer shell of Night City is one of wasted potential and a frustrating lack of immersion.

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21 thoughts on “Our Cyberpunk 2077 review! – BBC The Social”

  1. To put it bluntly, the game is a ball of shite in a shiny wrapper, and the ball of shite inside isn't even polished. It's all rancid and nutty and the stench clings to you hours after putting it down. What an absolute disaster.

  2. Hits the nail on the head. I feel that once CDPR gives Cyberpunk the love The Witcher 3 got following release, it will be fantastic.

    But having played on PC, experiencing minimal bugs compared to others, I am finding the world a bit flat. I have not properly sunk myself into an RPG since TW3 on release. And playing this on release does not feel like its 6 years later.

  3. This game might be buggy, but I've also spent 26 hours in the game and I've not even meet Keanu yet. I've never played a game that's less barren than CP77; on the contrary, I thought it was very good. I also haven't played a game with better RPG elements. People keep knocking the game, but can't actually give me an example of a game that does it better. That said, any comments about bugs and performance are very accurate, with every player experiencing many, often diverse and different, glitchy gameplay.

  4. Really good review. Have to agree with 97% of it. Only nitpick is that in my experience stealth approach ranges from very viable (if time consuming) to absurdly op as soon as you add quickhacking to the mix and can 1-shot almost every enemy with a single "spell" while easily remaining hidden. Which isn't exactly to the credit of the game either.
    Oh and you can actually find things like mantis blades or nano wire in predetermined places. I stumbled upon the golden nanowire at like level 3 and it was quite nice. Later learned on reddit where the mantis blades are, but not a big fan of those.

  5. I have no problem on my pc. literally nothing at all. Story's amazing also tonnes to do down every street. I think people wanted something else. My only problem was being forced censors on nudity. 18 plus game, what a joke…


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