Cyberpunk 2077 – Hanako Arasaka

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Cyberpunk 2077


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  1. For sequel to cyberpunk 2077 I wanna to be set in one of three setting Japan .Japan in this world going to be doing well off compared to the rest of the world the.Crystal palace that will be interesting setting . or we go back in time on it’s prime of night city one thing they don’t Explain well in the game was After the nuclear blast it took night City decades to recover by time of 2077 it just got back on its feet.

  2. She looks so soulless and she don’t talk not much to people idk hard to explain. if I met her the first time I was like: wow it’s The fridge open or why it’s so cold here right now lol she just follow his daddy’s path and she knows her position. The one part was crazy that Goro finds out that Saburo Lies to him And I’m sure for goro it was a hard punch in his heart because he protect him with honor and passion. Thanks for the video 🦾


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