Blizzard FIRES 20 & CD Projekt Red Draws Massive BACKLASH To New Cyberpunk 2077 Annoucement

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20 thoughts on “Blizzard FIRES 20 & CD Projekt Red Draws Massive BACKLASH To New Cyberpunk 2077 Annoucement”

  1. I have no problem with Cyberpunk 2077….I bought it, played it, enjoyed it and have moved on. Yes, it sucked for last gen console players, and for them alone I feel like CDPR needs t be held accountable, but for anyone else, manage your expectations and move on. I haven't played a Blizzard game since I stopped playing WOW maybe 15 yrs ago, so what they do has no bearing on my life these days. So Meh.

  2. Am I the only one that genuinely enjoyed Cyberpunk??? I never followed the hype, so I was never disappointed going in. Yeah, it’s buggy and a bit unbalanced at times, but the story and action was amazing. Really great work, the only thing I wanted was more of the game (and that’s not necessarily a bad thing).

  3. Honestly I'd prefer CDPR to move on from Cyberpunk 2077 and work on Witcher 4.

    Cyberpunk can't be fixed simply because it's foundation is terrible. The story is way too short and boring. It's literally all icing and no cake. It's just a terrible game even with no bugs. That's just a fact. Move on CDPR.

  4. WoW has always been a game for neck bearded basement dwelling weirdos. Nothing could get me to play that game. Its way too juvenile and cartoonish. Hell look at what they did to Diablo making it all Warcraft cartoonish and lame af.

  5. Making good games is not easy. What is VERY easy is providing ETAs that underestimate the time that will be required. Add to that the pandemic and political insanity, even places like Poland are bound to be affected on some level. CDPR already got dragged for misleading fans and rushing Cyberpunk 2077 out in an unfinished low-quality state. Fans should be PLEASED that they are doing the right thing and taking more time to deliver a better product. Sadly, there is no way to win with some people – rush it so they have it early and they bitch that its buggy, hold it back and postpone release to eliminate bugs and polish the experience and they make accusations about taking their money and providing nothing (or at least not soon enough).

  6. I'm interested in Cyberpunk 2077 in about 5 years when patches and fan mods make it actually worth playing. I haven't been that disappointed with a game since Diablo 3 released.

  7. well lets unpack this; Cyberpunk? great game, glitchy? sure, not as bad as fallout 4 or skyrim just stop trying to play it on consoles… a PC already. Now as for blizzard, no one cares anymore they have been collapsing since the end of legion and all of this is just a death throw. A more interesting question is where players are landing once leaving wow; FF14, New World, even swtor is getting a surge of players. It is actually fascinating watching where all these different players all end up based on their personal taste and playstyles

  8. take two and rockstar now have take out so much of gtav that you can no longer have fun in online guess what thy are coming out with a 30 monthy pass to unlock jobs . and you know what on top of that is 30 a month just to play on line .. muh ha ha ha yup now the game that was free is no longer free and there going to wipe the severs so every one must start from scrach all your stuff and all you outfits and all you have pulled from the gamer . and oh also you know the story line yup any mods and cheats and all that band for life …. ban hammer for every one ….. ake two and rock star call it the clean slate update ..

  9. I 100% Cyberpunk 2077. I pre-ordered it and played it on release. There were certainly some bugs but nothing that stopped me from playing without a reload. It seems the console version was broken and that is unacceptable. Maybe I could have waited for pathes and got the game cheaper but I think it it fair considering I ended up paying $20 for Witcher 3 GOTY and GOG me Witcher 1 for free.


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