Cyberpunk 2077 – Driving in Night City Free Roam – PC Ray Tracing 4K Ultrawide 21:9

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Percorrer Night City ao som daquela batida preferida. Cidade deslumbrante com o ray tracing a fazer milagres.

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37 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Driving in Night City Free Roam – PC Ray Tracing 4K Ultrawide 21:9”

  1. This is like a completely different game on my PS4… I mean I'm still enjoying it… And the story… But this is TOTALLY a different game and they should have showed us video so we would have known… Cause wow

  2. The city, especially the architecture and buildings look amazing. However, two things that caught my eye: the streets look too "clean", at least from my limited understanding based on other cyberpunk media. Also, Night City seems a bit sluggish, idk. Not necessarily lifeless, there are definitely passers-by and cars on the road, but not much is happening. Everything seems kind of static, like a film set.

  3. The amount of work needed to build this city is far beyound any common sens… its almost justify to buy this game. I could spend hours just to get lost and overwellmed in the streets.
    Motorcycle seems to be the perfect way to do this.
    Fantastic vidéo

  4. looks ok, but to bad you cannot buy or customize your house or cars, and shamefull that the AI is really dumb and also the physics sucks, old game like san andreas had better quality gaming, Rockstar shouldve created cyberpunk with their Rage engine (red dead redemption 2) which had more detail.

  5. I hope the bugs and the optimization issues are gonna be corrected… Anyways, you CAN'T do miracles with consoles' graphics. If you really want the best graphics, the best performance, with any game: buy a PC.
    I played the game and I can say people are overreacting, it has everything to be a masterpiece with the corrections.


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