Cyberpunk 2077 Broke My Playstation 4 | Bad Graphics And Crashes On Ps4

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Cyberpunk 2077 is an amazing game except for the things I talk about in this video. It has crashed my Ps4 multiple times. There are glitches and long load screens and the graphics seem horrible.
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37 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Broke My Playstation 4 | Bad Graphics And Crashes On Ps4”

  1. Just to be clear, I didn't know a thing about this game before today except people kept telling me its like a futuristic GTA and it's going to be amazing. That being said, the game is garbage right now at least on Ps4 but I really like the storyline, the RPG elements and my favorite thing are the gunfights. Also, I sold my Ps5 to a family member because their son is a really cool dude and I figured it would make his year and because I pretty much play COD so I figured screw it I'll get one after the holidays.

  2. 5hrs for me and 1 blue screen error. Reboot and played. BUT I agree the PS4 graphics are GARBAGE. It actually looks worse than ps3 graphics on Skyrim. The game play is like fallout and that's how I can see myself getting lost for hours in this game. Just upgraded my cpu, yet since I didnt sink 1000's into it I skipped the pc version.

  3. The statement that people make about gettin high end pc has nothing to do with it, Infact this game suppost to run way smoother then gta5, but it isnt simply due poor scripting and workin on engine to make it function with rendering and such, ps5 xbox one series , an 2080ti even struggles with this, you could spend 10k on a pc and still have to deal with the issues… its all cuz of poor effort of making this game..wich is weird cause took them 8 years to do so. And people who claim they got proof of gameplay on nexst gen consoles…stop lyin cyberpunkz actaully prevent people streaming on consoles version just cause of this reasson.

  4. I’m going to do everyone a favor to fix the blurry picture you’re getting. Go to graphics in the game on PS4 and turn off film grain, chromatic aberration, and motion blur. Should fix your problems. Quick side note: for some reason these settings do not save whenever the game crashes or when you log back in so you’ll have to do that each time. Should get the moving pixels you can literally pick out to go away. Hope this helps

  5. I literally had to replace my HDD this year so I got a really nice SSD in my base PS4 now. Loading times are really quick but the game crashes at least twice every hour. Talk about a killjoy

  6. Since they got sponsored by Nvidia they had to make sure it runs a bit better on their cards if you know what I mean.
    All last and next gen consoles use AMD cards.
    This game is pretty much an ad or incentive to buy new Nvidia cards.

  7. I have a ps4 slim, and it just straight up explodes. It is not fun to play, and it's a huge dick move from Cd project red to release a game for last gen consoles, when they can barely run on the system. I have like 15 fps constantly and shitty resolution. Fuck this

  8. My game crashed 5 times at the beginning Noodle cart 🤦🏿‍♂️ then like 4 since then …… And the game was designed for ps4/xbox one all we wanted was stability smh

  9. I’m sorry Dude but you’re on a New level of stupid way would you sell your ps5 and then play cyberpunk on the PS4. since E3 2019 everyone was saying cyberpunk will not run good on last gen consoles. The gap between PS5 and PS4 in graphics and performance is bigger than the Birch Khalifa.

  10. 2PiecePuzzle (sorry if you see this twice. I appreciate knowing it freezes. I thought it just crashes) great video! Also so the game actually froze your system. This is the first time I heard of this. So you don’t mean just a blue screen but an actual freeze? Would it freeze a PS5? Hopefully not. I experienced freezing on the Xbox version of AC odyssey. I was hoping cyberpunk wouldn’t be like this. This is not ok. Every freeze can damage your system. It does not matter whether it is a PS4 or an Xbox or pc. It is not acceptable. Hopefully they can patch this. Usually crashes can be patched, not freezes.

  11. Is it possible to break my cheap ass controller playing this? 😅🤣😭 It won't turn on at all now. Oh and cyberpunk was made for pc and base PS4 and Xbox one, cyberpunk got announced way before next gen even existed.

  12. And it’s not like the fans demanded it should be ready for PS4 or Xbox 1, right? They promised us this. Shameful ripoff. The fans, the artists, the crunch workers, Mike Pondsmith, have all need royally shafted. Do want CDPR to become another EA-Bethesda-Monster, then forgive them for this con. They didn’t just lie to you, either. They suppressed the truth getting out. Your response will determine whether they get away with that ✌️👍


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