This Conservative Cyberpunk 2077 YouTuber Says the Game is NOT POLITICAL

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The Cyberpunk genre has anti-establishment politics literally baked its very farbic. The criticism of 1980s capitalism in Blade Runner, the destruction of the climate for profit shown in Blade Runner 2049 (with both films covering total corporate rule) and the punk rock anti-corporate sentiment of Cyberpunk 2077 . The thing that all Cyberpunk media has in common is that corporations are bad and are using technology to enrich themselves even further.

You’d think this premise wouldn’t garner many conservative fans, let alone YouTubers basing their whole channel around a Cyberpunk game.

Let me tell you the tragedy of LaTrickster.

LaTrickster is a far-right YouTuber who doesn’t only think Cyberpunk 2077 isn’t anti-capitalist, no, he thinks its actually not political at all. Which is in stark contrast with some of his videos that alleged that 2077 actually criticises BLM and even Hasan????

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.00:00:00 – Cyberpunk isn’t political
00:04:50 – Cyberpunk is always Political
00:09:40 – Conservative Cyberpunk YouTuber is so stupid
00:13:50 – He’s called out and has a meltdown
00:23:00 – Mike Pondsmith explains Cyberpunk’s Politics
00:26:30 – Johnny Silverhand

Johnny Silverhand Speech:

Johnny reacts to V refusing oath:

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47 thoughts on “This Conservative Cyberpunk 2077 YouTuber Says the Game is NOT POLITICAL”

  1. The instrumental you hear in the intro is a song by Samurai – Johnny's band in the game. Here are some of the lyrics from the full version – I wonder what they are trying to say?

    'Lost another day to pointless drudgery
    The slow chipping away of my autonomy
    A rodent in a race unsung and underpaid
    My colleagues seem to me like slaves in sheep-array
    Then a shock goes through the herd at the nauseating purr
    Of the corpos of the world when the content is secured
    'Cause they're naked emperors hear the rattling of the purse
    I hunger for the hearse 'cause nothing could be worse
    Than a life lived as a limb in a debt anatomy
    Rather be dead than a link in a chain of tyranny…

    Suit up, punch in, punch out non-stop
    Suit up, punch in, punch out, get f…..

    Pressured to mount the backs of my brothers
    Clamber for clout year after year
    The load multiplies up high on the ladder
    The bottom falls out, then so does the fear…

    Don't know how I began, but I was once a decent man
    The promises I was made were made to keep me a slave
    Cornered and kept on a wage to come the worst of my rage
    One day the curtain falls
    Time comes for all
    Time comes for all'

  2. 😳… 😂 A top 5 game all time for me. Well over 800 hours.
    To its very core, from start to finish, in every facet, and throughout every single narrative beat, Cyberpunk 2077 and Phantom Liberty is anti Capitalist, anti corporate.
    You literally don’t even need to hear dialogue to see it’s messaging emblazoned in neon in every direction.

  3. Conservatives any time popular games criticize their ideology: "yOur rEaDing tOO mUcH iNto iT"

    Conservatives any time there's a woman, or whatever: "THIs iS WoKE pROpaGandA thEy aRe trYing tO PROGraM uS!!!!"

  4. I don't really follow politics but is being anti-capitalist against conservative ideology? I find it absurd that you couldn't enjoy a piece of media because it doesn't align with you ideology.

  5. This guy got suggested to me after watching a bunch of other CP2077 videos but it was a short where he said that the Witcher remake wasn't going to be "woke" because CDPR is a right wing company and won't bow down to the "woke mob" basically. I had a quick scroll of his twitter and then told youtube to stop suggesting his channel.

  6. Every sci-fi punk fiction is a reflection of the era and socio-politics that shapes the science and technology of their time.
    Atompunk and Dieselpunk are "retro" sci-fi genres focused on the science, values and politics during the 20th century.
    Both punks are even more prominently featuring the two World Wars, and even down to the Cold War with Atompunk, I believe.

  7. I also like Red Dawn, not only well made, but an excellent look into the 1980's cold war mindset.

    PS: The female V's voice actor is far superior IMO and is canon by my decree, so have fun with it

  8. I wonder if conservatives can even know what "anti-capitalist" means. All they know is a world under capitalism, and it never occurs to them that it can and does change. It would be like making a story revolving around breathing air, or gravity, or any other unchangeable force of nature being bad. It simply doesn't make sense, and so it couldn't exist in a story that makes sense.

    Idk, im not a fan of pathologizing a political belief like it's some kind of illness, but i just can't help it. I want to know why people think the way they do, but I never will because it isn't an answerable question "without giving any opinions, explain why your brain works like that?"

  9. Saying cyberpunk isn’t political or anti-capitalist is like saying water isn’t wet. This is one of the most on the nose about its messaging games that I have ever played. It states its message in no uncertain terms, it basically shoves it in your face

  10. It is bananas to think that Cyberpunk, yet alone the Punk scene, isn't anti-captialism. The whole point of being a punk is to not confirm to capitalism. Heck, Blade Runner was a response to the rise of Japanese corporations in the United States. That LAtrickster guy is probably someone who would make a video about how the best sex with the same sex is anti-gay.

  11. There are people who see the fake anti-communist propaganda in the Fallout games and believe it; they think the message is "communism bad, capitalism saved humanity!" then proceed to sell a literal child for some fucking bottle caps… utter madness.

  12. As usual conservative political commentators actually don't understand what the words politics and political actually mean beyond their tiny vacuum. They have a simplistic view of the world and their own place in it. So to them politics is just the branding soul to them by their favourite pundits. They don't understand the broader deeper implications of the concept.
    And yet they still believe everyone should listen to them.

  13. "Cyberpunk is a red pill genre" he's sooooo fucking close. The term redpill was coined in one of the most influential Cyberpunk works, but in The Matrix, taking the red pill literally (literally) means becoming woke.

  14. The climate change thing only got seriously political after Barack Obama's first presidential election. In that election, both he and John McCain only disagreed on how to deal with man-made climate change. That it existed and was a serious threat to the habitat we share with the rest of the planet's living things, they both agreed. Then, big polluter money and projects began to swing hard – and it was only after then that the astroturf campaign started getting some traction. What I'm saying is: 'anthropomorphic climate change' wasn't political, until certain large industries and their puppets on the right wing made it political. It shouldn't be political, just like trying to survive a hurricane isn't political.

  15. Keep in mind, a lot of conservatives don’t even know what consent is; they just think it’s a “sex thing”, which is why they are against it being taught in schools. It’s no surprise that the detailed critique of capitalism in Cyberpunk 2077 go over their head.

  16. CD Projekt Red commissioned Refused (a leftist hardcore punk band) to make the music for the fictional band of Samurai.

    CDPR specifically chose a hardcore band where it's impossible to not pick up on their lyrics being anticapitalist in nature. If that doesn’t spell out the politics of the game, I don't know what will.

  17. You and I seem to disagree on Johnny. I always read him as, while sincerely believing what he says, is a total poser who's only real act of rebellion after deserting that wasn't immediately coopted by his record label, blowing up Arasaka tower and half of downtown NC with it, was ultimately pointless. Which he did in service of another evil corporation and in only a few decades arasaka return even stronger than before. Not to mention he's just an unlikable, misogynistic asshole. When I played phantom liberty my V swore the oath, not because she's a patriot by any means, but because she (and myself) knew it would piss Johnny off.

  18. Imagine considering yourself to be "Cyberpunk YouTuber". There isn't enough content in that game to warrant an entire channel dedicated to it.

    Also, conservative coping about all their favorite things being very leftist in their messaging is somewhat of a tradition. It's funny, too, because you could side with the corpos in that game. That is an option for all the little aspiring boot-lickers and fasci wannabes. Personally, I sided with the Nomads and romanced the chick from that storyline. It was a nice ending. Not really worth another playthrough anytime soon.

  19. atom punk would be things like fallout, which is also pretty anti-capitalist, though not as blatently, but look at vault-tec and what lead the the great war that destroyed the world for examples thereof.

  20. Holy shit, this dude must have something wrong with his brain if he can’t see how anti-capitalist and anti-establishment the game is, also his take on “punk” is the most myopic I’ve seen. I grew up listening to punk music in the early to mid 90s, watched a lot of punk stuff I was honestly too young to watch and I still understood it as a kid. Yet this dude is being thrown all this stuff right in his face and he still can’t get it. Dude has some real cognitive dissonance to not get it, he probably thinks V for Vendetta is about how gay people are bad and conservatives just wanna protect people lmao

  21. Spoilers for Cyberpunk 2077 Main Questline

    I remember seeing his satire video and near the end he talks about Dex Deshawn and his gun which is called Plan B and he just kind of rambles on about how the name is a reference to the morning after pill and how cheap it is (The gun shoots money) and how hookup culture is evil and I am going insane because the gun's description is about how Dex's Plan B was always to shoot you and he just kind of invents a weird alternate reality

  22. " please stop inserting your politics into games that dont exists"( within agame about howhuman greed fuck over people which is inherently political cause it talking about social class)

    Black gay main character simply fucking exists not mentioning thier race and otherwise hiding thier sexuality

    – Him probably


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