The ULTIMATE Guide to Update 2.0 & Phantom Liberty | Cyberpunk 2077

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Thanks for watching! Cyberpunk is bringing some exciting updates bringing players back and new players into the mix. We hope all of this information on Update 2.0 and Phantom Liberty was useful and preps you for the upcoming release of this expansion.

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Overview: ——————————————-
00:00 Intro
00:21 General 2.0 Info
01:16 Build Planner
01:27 Vehicle Combat
02:00 Revamped Police
03:10 Gameplay Changes 2.0
03:48 Phantom Liberty
04:08 Story Overview
04:23 Dogtown
05:20 Characters
In this detailed review style youtube video, we cover the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 phantom liberty DLC. We ended up picking this game up on steam and have enjoyed the content it provided. It can also be purchased on xbox and playstation.


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  1. Kinda happy I didn’t really play this game and refunded it. Might re-buy it now and experience how it should of been at launch. Cool to see they didn’t give up on the game. Huge props to them.


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