The Nomad Town You Can Only Visit Once | Cyberpunk 2077

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We’ve finally completed our tour of the badlands, what a pleasure it is to finally leave this wasteland. In order to commemorate this occasion, we’re taking a trip back to Yucca seen only in the prologue sequence of Cyberpunk 2077.

Join me for a look at this locked off area once again.

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14 thoughts on “The Nomad Town You Can Only Visit Once | Cyberpunk 2077”

  1. Huh. I only picked the Corpo origin because that makes the most sense storywise, but I didn't know there was a whole town outside that border patrol area. I always thought the nomad starting area was the same neighborhood as River's sister's house.

  2. Ah so is an Englishman trying to say "a Bottle of Water" the equivalent of an American constantly failing to pronounce the word 'Mirror' or 'Era' in anything approaching a legible manner. Good to know

    I tried it he's correct too. It comes out like 'Boell of wahah' for me too.


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