The BEST Corporate Military – The Lazarus Group | Cyberpunk 2077 Lore

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This video essay covers the creation and uprising of Cyberpunk’s BEST corporate military. The Lazarus Military Operations Group. A megacorporation that ranks above the likes of Arasaka and Militech during the 2020s and Time of Red. So just who are they?

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Cyberpunk 2077 Arasaka Devil Ending OST

Introduction: (0:00)
Second South American Conflict: (2:15)
Founded in 2008: (8:20)
The 2010s: (9:40)
2020: (11:40)
The Fourth Corporate War: (12:10)
Time of Red: (19:10)
2077 and Phantom Liberty: (19:50)
Outro: (21:40)

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10 thoughts on “The BEST Corporate Military – The Lazarus Group | Cyberpunk 2077 Lore”

  1. Holy shit this a long one I'm gonna watch a few times then put my input but very glad this video was made I wish they would've put more into 2077 but it seems we are with phantom! So with this I wonder how high tensions are going to between everyone really at this point no wonder why they're using V to spark shit up!!😂🎉 unwilling participant

  2. This is the story of Cyberpunks BEST corporate military. Even above Militech and Arasaka during the 2020s and Time of Red. I hope you enjoyed and learned some new informatiom. Let me know all your thoughts down below and have a great week chooms!

  3. Lazarus was more directly a mercenary company. Lazarus does not provide day-to-day security or even garrisons. They are contracted to resolve specific campaigns and situations. Hiring an armoured platoon is expensive.


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