Starfield's Neon Puts Cyberpunk 2077's Night City To Shame…

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In the endless black stretches of the Settled Systems, there’s an abundance of things to do, with everything from the flora and fauna you encounter to the cities and settlements you explore exhibit an impressive level of variety that feels appropriate for Starfield’s galactic setting.

And though that open world is, of course, full of captivating things to do, the one city hub in the entire game that stands out in memory perhaps above all others is the city of Neon, a grimy, pseudo-cyberpunk dystopia built on a former fishing platform.

So, effect and thorough is Neon’s worldbuilding, in fact, that it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it even eclipses Cyberpunk 2077’s setting, with both cities, of course, drawing comparisons due to more than a few aesthetic and thematic similarities. Here, we’re going to dive a little deeper into that comparison.


33 thoughts on “Starfield's Neon Puts Cyberpunk 2077's Night City To Shame…”

  1. I love Starfield more than Cyberpunk but this take is shitty. Night City is better than Neon. Neon is good, it like Night City 200 years later but it doesnt have a big scale to feel complete imersive like the other one

  2. I am not a fun of Cyberpunk 2077 because its not my type of game BUT even I can easy say that Starfield doesn't come even CLOSE in term of visuals (or for the matter of fact – ANYTHING) to Cyberpunk 2077.
    Bad hot take of 2023!

  3. Starfield is certainly not 'open world' as you claim, it's a bunch of loading screens separating cells. In Cyberpunk, all the data is streamed in seamlessly with zero loading screens.

  4. At least the NPC‘s in cyberpunk look realistic. The NPC‘s in Starfield are just as static as they always have been for any Bethesda release. But what you’re being paid to tell us is, “IT JUST WORKS!”


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