Night City, The City of Dreams – CYBERPUNK 2077

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I wanted to include Dirty Biz as a standalone vid since the mission is, well… a downer. No one wins in this scenario, but that’s life in Night City. The only thing V can do is exact a little street justice.


Build Used! –——————-&n=Winter%27s%20Net%20Samurai

Weapons –
Blue Fang (Neurotoxin Knife)
Overwatch (Sniper)

Mods Used
Arasaka Cyberarms
Always First Equip
Alternative Midair Movement (Wall jumping)

V From The Thumbnail:
Author: Jastiel

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21 thoughts on “Night City, The City of Dreams – CYBERPUNK 2077”

  1. great video. do you know if there's any way to replay gigs or ncpd scanner missions after you've beaten them all? i'm on my 4th playthrough and I'm saving all of them for post game so that I have things to do but I'm worried that once i do them all the world will just be empty

  2. Always how I handled this mission. The father and son are both scum, sniveling in the face of the painful deaths they regularly aid in facilitating and profiteering off of. So it's only fitting that a BD scrolling child death should be met with the father seeing his son butchered by V, the blunt instrument of fate.

  3. God dam I just did the same thing in this gig. Was sickened by the premise and just went on a straight up killing spree. Found those two, heard their gross justifications, zeroed the son while I was seeing red and then got hit with those lines from the dad. Fantastic voice acting but man I had to take a break from the game for a few hours. Just felt an overwhelming combination of rage, disgust, pity, and satisfied vindication. For all the mechanical issues with the game, every now and again there's a moment like this that makes me really wish it was given the polishing time it deserved.


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