Solved – Cyberpunk 2077 crackling sound – sound problems

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Here a short discribtion
– push windows button
– enter “sound” for soundoption
– Select your device (for me Logitech Gaming X Pro)
– Go on Device-Settings
– Turn off Surround Sound (Windows Sonic for Headphones)

Worked for me and many others. If you have any other problems or this didn’t work for you – I am sorry. This is the only thing i figured out so far.


32 thoughts on “Solved – Cyberpunk 2077 crackling sound – sound problems”

  1. Anyone have problem with hearing sniper shots all the time? It doesnt sound like crackling to me more like when i fire my silenced weapons. I tried that lowering to 96000mhz thing in sounds but that didnt work.

  2. Thanks – To cure the crackling – Turning off the 'surround sound' option on windows sound properties helps, also set audio to headphones on the game settings and lowering the master volume there too to about 85 – 90. GOG recommends 16bits at 48000 e.g. DVD quality setting

  3. boa die möchtegern solutions von irgendwelchen cucks, die mal ein youtube video machen wollen. DOESNT WORK! JUST DELETE THIS PIECE OF SHIT OF A GAME!


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