It's Important You Don't Skip This in Cyberpunk 2077! Ultimate New Player Decisions Guide Patch 1.6

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It’s Important You Don’t Skip This in Cyberpunk 2077! Ultimate New Player Decisions Guide Patch 1.6
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Intro – 00:00
The Pickup & Second Conflict Connection – 00:38
All The Heist Missable Rewards & Pet – 02:06
Ghost Town & Panam Ending – 03:49
How To Deal with Voodoo Boys – 05:14
Secret Takemura Ending – 06:19
Most Important Side Mission – 07:26
Final Silverhand Iconic Items- 09:31
Ending – 10:40

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29 thoughts on “It's Important You Don't Skip This in Cyberpunk 2077! Ultimate New Player Decisions Guide Patch 1.6”

  1. Yes as others has stated, do not watch this video unless you want the story spoiled! The title needs to have spoiler for new players as it’s more fun to play without this info so be warned!

  2. With the Maelstrom/Stout decision, you can also just pay your own cash and walk out of there without a fight (no Chaos from Royce, and miss out on everything Meredith) but it opens up a Maelstrom weapon vendor you can go back to at the plant. He's a pretty good vendor for attachments, and if you're into the tech double barrel shotgun he sells a legendary variant.

  3. I haven’t gone past the playing for time mission, anything change after doing that mission? Like do I start glitching out after or anything like tht? (Idc bout spoilers)

  4. There's no shortage of awesome pistols. There's only one dildo club. ALWAYS side with meredith. If you reeeeaally want the dumdum pistol just use the console command mod

  5. I don't think the doom doom revolver is so important and i would never side with these psychos from Maelstrom. We have plenty of powerfull weapons by end game however we have only one chance to get Meredith and her truly unique iconic weapon.
    I agree with everything else in the video.

  6. 01:49 But if you side with Maelstrom, you don't get the "Chaos" iconic weapon, and another funny weapon, plus some "good time"…… if you think the dumdum is worth it……well, ok…for me it wasn't.

  7. 1. You don't need to say Johnny is the guy who saved your life to get the secret ending.
    2. By taking the route to get Doom Doom, you lock yourself out of 2 iconics, so take that into consideration.
    And that reason is honestly the BIGGEST reason I want NG+.

  8. This guy is just rehashing the same Cyberpunk 2077 videos he made when the game came out 2 years ago. There is no perfect play through as the whole point is for players to make choices which determine their play through. Yet another lazy “content creator”

  9. As others have said please don’t watch this if it’s your first play through. Going in blind will really give you the best experience.

    If I had to give one tip to new players it would be to pace yourself. Don’t try to speedrun all of the side content and then be over leveled for the main missions and the inverse is true too, don’t try to speedrun the main story either.

  10. Doom Doom is not Better than what Meredith gives us Sex scene + dildo bat, just Horrible Horrible advice Khraze its better to
    side with Meredith dont hack the chip till after the mission, go in Dont tell Jackie to sit down Loot Royce's room for 1-2k in his safe > go blow up Brick for 5k > go kill boss fight Royce for 3k > Hack Chip for 10k loot Chaos + Meredith's special club

  11. After seeing this video, I am so glad I did not choose Johnnys alternate outfit, it is awful.
    I am just waiting on the Family Heirloom gig to trigger to get my last piece of Johnnys outfit and get the achievement for that.

  12. funny enough i never talked to the netwatch guy in my playthrough it must have glitched or something , i got the Voodoo what they needed then killed them all because they were assholes

  13. I chose to eat the grilled cheese sandwiches and ice cream during the couch mission and now my character is obese with high blood pressure. Also, what game is this in the video? It looks cool.

  14. Well, f— me… Thanks Khraze! 250+ hours, at least 5 different restarts using different builds, been to the Plaza at least 20 times after restarts and such, and never once knew about Yori's jacket sitting in the bathroom. Saw that part in this video and whispered to myself "Oh for f— sake." After almost 3 years, you're the only one I've seen highlight this.


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