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Cyberpunk 2077: Gangs of Night City is a big box strategy game with miniatures in which gangs fight for control of a city, with the city also being a living part of the game.

In the game, players assume the role of a gang leader, with you organizing your gang members to take power in the city. Your actions affect not only your game and your opponents but the city itself. Each gang has different attributes and goals, giving each player a different gaming experience.

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18 thoughts on “Should you back – Cyberpunk 2077 by CMON”

  1. This has been an interesting campaign to watch. I like the IP, but this game just isn't for me. Seems like if you don't need the KS, wait for retail. If you like the KS stuff, maybe try to get it from the game steward so you don't have to pay shipping. but of course, that's a limited pool. So who knows. Im of the opinion that if you want it and have the money and just can't live without it, go for it. Have fun and love the game!

  2. Aldecaldos.
    For fans of Cyberpunk 2077, this campaign has been tough to watch. Love that they've delivered so much content right from the game, it's what we wanted. Love that it's a competitive game and has something we've wanted in the video game: gang wars.
    But the shipping costs, which are higher than any other campaign out there, and CMONs lack of transparency and deafening silence, have been hard to deal with.

  3. I'm just disappointed that they decided to put this in the video game world and not the world of the RPG. I know technically they are the same, but there is less baggage with the RPG. I'm also not much interested in the theme.

  4. Part of me wishes another team picked the IP up. Nothing against CMON. I'm always pretty happy with Zombicide. I'm wouldn't say I'm a fan of cyberpunk but I enjoy CD Projekt games and Cyberpunk 2077 has been a solid game to me. Mind you I play it on PC. I just think I would have preferred another company to have done a board game with the IP. Not really pulled in by board games like Ahnk and Rising Sun. This just looks like a variation of those. Unfortunate, I'll live without it though. Hope for those that get it enjoy it a lot.

  5. 1.after playing the TTS mod I still think this feels too much like Scarface 1920 to justify owning both at the price point.
    2. I've backed two cmon games now that have not delivered yet, Marvel Zombicide and Clash for Eternia so cmon has roughly 1300 of my hard earned Euros now.
    3. I usually don't back campaigns when the previous campaign has not delivered yet and there will not be a third.

  6. Thank you for that! We hear some people comparing this game to The Godfather. Is that even an accurate comparison? In Godfather, there is no asymmetry and it was more of a tactical puzzle, gaining control, stopping the other families while collecting certain sets.

  7. Beyond excited for this one. Ip is great, love the gang perspective type take on it as well. Love competitive games and area controls a good deal. Dislike story games, but love to have the story integrated in a way like this. Adds randomness yes, but also twists and turns to adapt to and try and prepare for, adding another layer of strategy. Kind of adds story to the experience driven not just from your actions, but as a supplement to them. I can see so many different stories generated from the players different actions, when they do them, and what the story card causes. It still seems like the better player will more likely win, but others still have a chance if they player their cards right and capitalize on misfortune or simply work with other players.

  8. Yeah a hard pass on this one. The value isn't there, not even close. I can't see any justification for overpaying for the core, let alone the absurdly priced add-ons unless your only goal is to re-sell them. The exclusives are a joke as far as gameplay value goes, as resale value does not equal gameplay value, so I think it's a bit of a joke when people look at them as "getting good value". Like all CMON campaigns, it's split between scalpers and suckers…it's a good deal for one of them.

  9. I come from the mini painting world and 40k, so this looks hella cool to me, but not sure how good CMON models are. But, like, $200 for all that when I add in shipping ain't bad. Better than four boxes of flayed ones.

    And already have two big kickstarters landing at the end of the year, so personally not worried about delays, but it's worth considering, from what comments I've seen.

  10. It looks cool and I love the IP, but it looks like an outrageously complex version of Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops, even the board looks the same. LoL. I'm basing that off some of the play-through videos I've seen so far too. I think I will do a wait and see on this as I already have the CE version with the multiple boards and such of Sprawl Ops.

  11. After exchange to Canadian dollars, the shipping is as much as the game, and the overall cost is just too much for me. No matter how good the game/IP/minis/production quality, etc. is, at some point I just can't justify the price any longer. Another great vid, thanks Sir Quack!

  12. i love cyberpunk one of my fav games of all time. but this game just does not do it for me. game play looks boring. The miniatures look lack luster and static. Not dynamic enough. out of all the cool stuff in cyberpunk these look like generic NPC's the price is way to high and the shipping is a rip off. I really wish it was different because I want something awesome that's cyberpunk.. This just wasn't it.


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