Lightning Breaks | CYBERPUNK 2077 | Episode 13 | MegMage Plays

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Just two nomad girlies, blowing things up.

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10 thoughts on “Lightning Breaks | CYBERPUNK 2077 | Episode 13 | MegMage Plays”

  1. Love that you're not playing just to finish the game, you're taking time to absorb the world and the complicated issues in it, and how your V responds to them,hey sometimes she's having a good day and other days she'll hurt you lol, that's what makes you a great streamer, that's how you always play RPGS 👍👍

  2. I took out that Kang Tau guard holding Mitch in a second. Only language they understand…

    Look out for Panam's scar later in the game. So much attention to detail in parts, and lacking in others.

  3. Getting into the good stuff! Make sure your crew keep you from missing some of the best side quests as you make your way through the game. Talk to Brendan, do Sinnerman, listen to Garry, Violence, Chippin In, Dream On, Pyramid Song…all soooo good.

  4. Also I think the way you’re playing your V is perfect and hella interesting to be honest, I played my V in a similar way with the streetkid life path, just a character broken down and beat up by the system that just wants to punch back, or stab back with a Katana in my case lol. I also found Judy to end up being perfect with my V by the end of the game, both characters dealt a bad hand in different ways but came out of their experiences the same but completely different. it’s one of the more truer cases of “opposites attract” imo


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