Jacksepticeye Plays CYBERPUNK 2077 (Twitch Stream)

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Jacksepticeye Twitch livestream of Cyberpunk 2077


40 thoughts on “Jacksepticeye Plays CYBERPUNK 2077 (Twitch Stream)”

  1. Man I want this game but with the news of it breaking and the bugs and glitches. Idk. I really don't care about bugs or glitches if they don't hurt the game tonight bad but the download problem scares me.

  2. 1I think the reason that everybody has a man bun because the game since you picked it everybody else is wearing it not because they watch your videos 2 I don't like man buns and I never will I think they look stupid 3 and I still don't like man buns

  3. Piewds playstyle made me hate watching this game streamed. Its a game your suppose to get immersed into and he just skipps all of it and acts like it's call or duty…

    This on the other hand, nice!


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