Gimme Danger | Cyberpunk 2077 – Blind Playthrough [Part 13]

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Mods Installed:
First equip animation
Better vehicle handling
Immersive Bartending
Immersive Food Vendors
Hide read shards
Quiet menus
No intro


46 thoughts on “Gimme Danger | Cyberpunk 2077 – Blind Playthrough [Part 13]”

  1. Preemest episode imo. I'm now seeing how much Cyberpunk sucked in Mapo into it's domain, and he can't get out until he completes every mission possible 😌.
    Also I think this is the game that had you working on editing the hardest. Really appreciate how consumable you're making each episode, it would take a lot of time without you making necessary cuts. And thank you again for making transition sound better, it's doesn't bother me at all now. A lot of cool things packed into single episode, I already wanna put your Cyberpunk let's play among other my personal favourites like Death Stranding, MGS and Mass Effect. So good to see you having a blast, and not being nitpicky, sure there are some things that could have been made better, but you don't let that to sour your enjoyment, very excited to watch more in the future.

  2. 22:50 since you asked, here it is: you can hack most vehicles if you put one perk point in one of the vehicle abilities. There is one in each branch, at the very bottom, but I can't recall which one enables hacks. Just check all five of them and you will notice it for sure. Hacking also helps a lot with vehicle combat, you'll know how once you check the available hacks, although not all may be available from the start, but gradually become available once you yourself level up.
    Also, you don't need to wait for a new perk point. Just find an active perk you can do without for the time being, get the point back and put it in vehicle hacks.
    24:00 you can hack the barriers (from inside the vehicle) to lower them and move along without spending too much time in the presence of the guard.

    Scopes will improve your weapons in several ways, not just with zooming in, so equip them whenever possible. Your iconic SMG could benefit from having one. It could also benefit from being upgraded 😛
    Speaking of upgrades, if you fancy a particular knife (maybe the iconic one you got from Saburo) the only way to improve it is to upgrade it in the Crafting section. I say this because at 32:55 you complain about not doing enough damage with throwing knives.
    This is why it is rather beneficial to loot EVERYTHING without thinking if you need it or not, or if it is low level or not. Low level items and weapons can be dismantled on the spot into low level components, which can then be used to craft higher level components used to upgrade low level items and weapons to higher levels 😉

    Shooting "from the hip" works, but actually aiming will be more effective.
    28:00 don't know if in that particular scenario an Arasaka uniform would help. but there are "suits" which do help in some situations. There is a hazmat suit which protects against some enviro toxicity (and maybe weapons toxicity as well) for example. There is also a scuba suit which gives you unlimited breathing when diving.

    33:10 always keep in mind how non-lethal weapons and ammo works in this game. "Non-lethaled" enemies are "on the edge" between life and death, and any subsequent damage from any source will actually kill them. So you need to be more in control of your trigger finger if you wanna go this route.
    41:20 when you select the "Distract Enemies" hack on a device, then affected enemy will be highlighted in white BEFORE you actually activate the hack, so use this to plan your distractions. The enemy needs to be in range of the hacked device.
    45:40 depending on your abilities, you will be able to scan and hack devices on the other side of a wall, but the enemy won't be affected by the hacks precisely because the device is not in their active range.

    1:00:50 E9 1C 1C 55 was the right order. This is also a good example of how you can solve multiple lines at once with a limited buffer.
    1:02:25 55 1C 1C 55 was more optimal, although your solution still fit in a 5 blocks buffer.

    That Shingen is Iconic, but NOT max level. Iconic weapons have unique abilities active at any level, but improving damage comes with upgrading them.

    Smart weapons auto-target body parts and their projectiles take a curved path to reach the target. The hit is NOT instantaneous though, so take that into account. While holding the aim button, keep the enemies inside the enlarged reticle to acquire multiple targets. You need Smarl Link cyberware for yor hands to make this work properly (or at all).
    Tech weapons penetrate through cover. Hold the trigger to charge the shot for more devastating potential.
    Power weapons deal most per-projectile damage and the projectiles can also ricochet off walls.
    All these abilities can be improved with cyberware, perks or other means, but some iconic weapons can provide these abilities in themselves, bypassing any need to upgrade your character (saving you points which can be spent in other ways). For example, there is an iconic tech sniper rifle which will shoot through walls and cover without the need to charge up the shot, making it more instantaneous.

    1:06:25 ah, I see you unlocked the vehicle quickhacks. All my previous real-time rambling for nothing 😀
    Some dialogue checks are busted, as I mentioned before. If you had a 7 strength, the level to unlock the rifle might have been 8. That SPT-GRAD may be worth though, since it is among the best ones in the game. There is just one that's better, but no spoilers.
    I don't think you can dodge out of the ring. You probably just got beat.

    1:21:25 "look at this place" ah yes, I wonder what's that about?!
    Knowing you played the Portal series before, I couldn't wait for you to discover that particular Delamain 🙂
    Apparently every rogue Delamain is a reference to characters from other games or media, but I don't know the others.

    The way the DualSense works is it takes sounds from the game and transforms them into vibrations. It makes for an amazing experience in TLoU /2 Remastered / Remake for example, if you activate the voice-to-vibration feature, where spoken dialogue is felt in the controller.

    My dude, NOBODY puts Judy in the waiting corner 😐

    2:03:30 if you look at your health bar, you will see it goes down to zero, so you're not being pushed out of the arena, you are just being defeated. Improve your boxing abilities by equipping Gorilla Arms cyberware of any variety. (Also check the legs cyberware, see what they can do for you).
    The O'Five does not have much zoom, but it compensates for that with it's unique abilities.

  3. I hope you spend time in some future episode just sitting down and watching TV, there's fun stuff in there. I can also recommend listening to the Growl FM radio station. It plays Samurai songs and is hosted by Mike Pondsmith, the creator of the franchise. His in-universe character has a lot of interesting stuff to say.

  4. There's quite a number of memorable moments in the game, and this one with Takemura stayed with me throughout the years, especially the uneasy but reflective soundtrack on the background, as him and V were sharing their experiences.

  5. Oh, I think I know what's happening with that save. Your location at that save point is directly where the blockade into the compound is. The blockade was in a lowered state when you were driving through it, but that state must not be saved properly in the save file, so when it loads, you're intersecting the barrier and the game's collision detection freaks out and yeets you.

  6. Just for a future playthrough, there was one more way to infiltrate the Arasaka facility, which the game was implying. It is not an easy way to spot, though, and I almost missed it in my playthrough 🙂 It ties very well with the Corpo lifepath, though, so I was happy to discover that option. You didn't miss that much, though, and what you did was very entertaining 🙂

  7. And for those who didn't catch the "Clarice" reference – it is from "Silence of the Lambs". Clarice, the main character, has recurring nightmares of lambs crying before being slaughtered. At the end of the novel, when she catches a murder, she sleeps blissfully, in the silence of the lambs, while the cab AI no longer hears the flamingos 🙂

  8. I love how this game let's you get so intimate with the characters. This conversation with Takemura is so beautiful and insightful. You find out about his life, he does yours. In a way both these people who would neve have met get to share and learn from each other.

    Cdpr is so good at making characters who feel human.

  9. Mapo convo cyberpunk build… add points to anything that gives more conversation options… only problem is that you need mod that unlocks point limit, beside that small hurdle it's revolutionary


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