Defeating the Robot in Somewhat Damaged | Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty

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This is a walk through of the mission ‘Somewhat Damaged’ that starts just before the bot is encountered and ends when it is defeated. It assumes you have 20 Technical Ability in order to get the crafting spec for Erebus. For a workaround for that and more info on crafting Erebus and Canto Mk.6 see

Some skills that can make this go more smoothly are the Cool tree perks Ninjutsu level 3 (crouch-sprint) and Vanishing Act (auto-camo).

00:00 Dataterminal Alpha
01:29 Dataterminal Bravo
03:39 Dataterminal Sierra
05:45 Erebus Crafting Spec and Bypass Dataterminal Victor
09:19 Dataterminal Victor
12:38 Entering Sector 3
16:20 Canto Mk.6 Crafting Spec
17:04 Observation Room (First Lockdown)
18:12 Neural Network Room
20:13 Thermic Control Room
23:03 Datafort Central Command
25:10 Observation Room (Final Lockdown)
27:26 Core Control and Behavioral System Component


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