Cyberpunk 2077 | The Possibility Of A Second Expansion (Speculation)

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Can another Cyberpunk 2077 expansion come out? Well, it’s not entirely impossible, but that’s not to say it’s likely.

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20 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 | The Possibility Of A Second Expansion (Speculation)”

  1. I thought the same until Pawel said that as soon as Phantom Liberty releases they are heading to Boston to open up a cyberpunk focused studio. I don't see how they could take devs away from the sequel to add a whole other expansion. Unless they are enough pieces "cut" from their original plan that they can use. I know one I will miss is the Crsytal Palace 😭 😭

  2. As much as I'd love to have a second expansion on this game (as they promised) I agree with you mate there won't be one. Regardless of their "eXpEcT nOtHiNg LeSs tHaN tHe WiTcHeR 3" statement. That aged like milk and they are gonna pull the plug on CP 2077 a bit after the PL expansion gets released imo. The only good possibility here would be that instead of 2 expansions they combined both into one and we get 1.5x bigger PL than originally planned or something. Well see

  3. I think you make a fair point. There's very little money to be made on a game that culturally bombed. And I say culturally because it technically made a shit ton of money from sales, but had terrible reception. People who didn't bother coming back or have never touched Cyberpunk still think it's a broken ass game. Those are the customers CDPR are still aiming to bring onboard, not the ones that are currently playing the game…at least for the long term.

    CDPR, is making this expansion as support for the fanbase and to follow up on a promise they've made. I doubt this expansion will bring in much profit especially when you factor in Keanu Reeves and Idris fuckin Elba are starring roles in this DLC. As I see it, this is mainly to improve CDPR's reputation.

    And reputation is priceless.

  4. Who knows? Enough people making videos about this topic could sway them, but I’ll be satisfied with Phantom Liberty and eagerly await their next project! Thanks for the video!

  5. If I remember right cyberpunk made over 8 million sales AFTER refunds… as of recently however they have sold over 20 million copies based on the last investor call. Cyberpunk makes bank… a lot of bank. In fact with edgerunners and the resurgence in popularity CDPR's Q3 earnings report was the highest in the companies history. You can see all this on the public CDPR IR channels. (That said money is not the issue here. With them moving to Boston and hiring loads of new people training everyone on RedEngine is just not viable when they are trying to switch to Unreal)

  6. Well said as always mate. Why even bother with dlc when they could just put that effort into the sequel.. though would be really nice to get a second dlc even if it’s just something small

  7. The game should be indefinitely and constantly expanded, like Fortnite. Imagine every 2 years or so the game gets a huge expansion and rework with new content, new areas and lore development.
    The Cyberpunk world it's too good and too big to just be one closed game. People want more, Edgerunners showed us that.
    (or maybe they could make a sequel in another city with different characters? Idk.)

  8. I would love and hope that you are right. Unfortunately I don’t have the same opinion, I think this is the last expansion due to a couple reasons. One being that the dev count of those who are still working on Cyberpunk 2077 is decreasing. Devs are being transitioned into other projects. Another being that Cyberpunk Orion is announced as the next cyberpunk game. And CDPR has given modders the ability to use the red engine in order to prolong the game as possible. CDPR will now transition to the Unreal Engine so I don’t think they’ll work on on CP2077 anymore.

  9. every time i play a game where everything were just a dream i feel cheated
    thats one of the cheapes way to end a story for real
    for me that makes everything i did in the game meaningless
    i hope its not

  10. Do they need to make money? Then they need to improve this game, add expansions, dlc, new content, micro-transactions, a multiplayer if they want the game not to die. He doesn't think it's such a good idea to let a game die, especially after a launch like theirs. This is so they don't lose the interest of players and so they don't let the game die. If something is broken you fix it not replace it man, especially when you are creating a fab base with heavy numbers.


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