Cyberpunk 2077 – The Expansion Is Bigger Than We Thought! Where Is Update 1.7? New Updates!

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We’ve got some new Cyberpunk 2077 News and updates, including some interesting leaks about the expansion Phantom Liberty. Also, what about Update 1.7? Where is it? Let’s discuss!

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27 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – The Expansion Is Bigger Than We Thought! Where Is Update 1.7? New Updates!”

  1. The developers just need/ed to be honest with where they are in the product.

    And we as fans need to be realistic with time, work progression.

    They have gave us the bare bones of the two main Romances, and there are tons of things that still need to be added.

    Let alone police chasing, flying cars and traffic, and then flying police chases? How would that work?

    The whole BD and netrunning is literally just bare spine, with so much left to do.

    Let alone the crime and gang immersion, territory control or even joining a gang or making you own…

    Cyberpunk 2077 is just the start, it's like The first ps2 grand theft auto.

    They need to work with mods, make it easier for us to model, map edit and even make BDs. Let modders work with the same tools they use, the from there

  2. The one thing that annoyed me about CP2077 was the fact they essentially made IRL me fall head over heels with both Panam and Judy, then when I missed them I couldnt just turn up and take them to dinner. The romance was ended at the end of their storyline and it bugged me. Let me take my Pixel Bae to a movie or take Panam to a shooting range and blow shit up again. Wasn't enough to do after the storyline ended. But I was thoroughly entertained and enjoyed every second until my heart broke, knowing that I had to make a new charact to romance them again lol

  3. I just want them to fix River romance in 1.7.
    The whole trailer lot is bugged. Kids are in a perpetual t-pose, Joss is leaning against the air, the food is still outside and River is just sitting on the stairs, when he sits lol. You can't talk to him in a holo call and recently I found out that they removed a whole dialog from his romance after 1.6. Would I love to finally meet Randy? Sure! Would I like to go on dates with him? Absolutely. But I know River isn't a priority, so just give me the River from the Romanced Enhanced Mod and I'm a happy gal XD

  4. Cmon guys, it’s good to speculate from time to time but we’re literally putting hype behind what could simply just be a regular ass DLC. Gamers theories/ speculations are already becoming too grand for the games and developers own good, setting themselves up for disappointment.

  5. I have 3 main things I’d like to see added to cyberpunk whether it be in the expansion or later down the line but I wanna see more story paths like for example a story where Jackie survives for instance, I also wanna have the ability to dual wield weapons whether it be special weapons needing certain weapons types or taking up two of the three weapon in order to do so and lastly I wanna see more traversal options mainly through cybernetics like maybe adding the ability to use the mantis arms to latch onto walls to climb them

  6. I completely disagree, I would rather not have more romance options. People love Judy and Panam because the developers put in the time to properly develop them as romantic interests. In these instances, I really do appreciate the quality over quantity angle. It's like comparing Fallout NV to Skyrim in terms of companions. Sure, Skyrim had more companions, but how many can you honestly remember? Fallout NV had only a handful, but they were all wonderfully developed. I feel it should be the same way with romances in Cyberpunk. As a final note, I rather enjoy that each romance-able character has their own preferences, it makes them feel more like real people.

  7. The romance with panam was amazing, the only thing I hate is that it all ends pretty abruptly. All the special dialogue is over and it just kinda sucks after that. I understand you basically beat the game and they don't have to expand it more since the game is finished. But you would think to give some more options and dialogue for those that don't want to keep restarting the game just so the interactions don't get so boring

  8. I can't see the sequel not having V as the protagonist. I am pretty sure the Casino ending is canon as it encompasses everything V wanted at the beginning and the messages at the end are rather open-ended. Considering how much V was able to accomplish in what should have been a few weeks (from Viks estimates), +6 months allows a lot of time. Not sure how it will be without Johnny as V and Johnnys dynamic was a lot of what kept my interest in the story.

  9. Hey man I’m not sure how to message you so I’ll comment here, but cyberpunk just got a massive 62gb update!! I couldn’t find much info on it though so I’m not sure if it’s 1.7 or not. I’m downloading now on my series x so I’ll know in a bit and report back


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