Cyberpunk 2077 – Shocking Response from CDPR & This News Got Me More Hyped For Cyberpunk Updates

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Cyberpunk 2077 – Shocking Response from CDPR & This News Got Me More Hyped For Cyberpunk Updates

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40 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Shocking Response from CDPR & This News Got Me More Hyped For Cyberpunk Updates”

  1. So once again like your video proves this is all speculation and unknown kind of just like your video. Nothing has been disproven or proven by a one sentence comment on twitter. You made this for views on name recognition alone. You guys are all leeches and liars feeding into rumors and assumptions.

  2. i think when they said "it doesnt add up" it was because they dont know who leaked it? like hes not saying thats not right its not adding up, it feels like their saying how did this get out it doesnt add up yk?

  3. This is the problem with cross platform, because the pc community has gotten to play it without having a terribly downgraded experience, now devs can act as if there is no problem with the console version. Despite the lie this game wasnt made for previous gen (XB1/PS4), when the construction of this game started, there was no other console to make it for, so they need to stop acting as if they dont owe us amd they didnt rip us off, and leave us with a crappy low graphics low frame rate mess, with glitches throughout. This is unacceptable. You pc youtubers need to use your platform to help the console gaming community, instead of selfishly asking for likes and subs. Smh.

  4. Exactly. I don't really feel the need to change V's appearance…….especially being primarily a first person game. I like the idea of the garage and apartment customisation. I'd like there to be a reason or incentive for ending most of my playthroughs at my apartment…….hence, starting most play throughs in my apartment also. That would really bring a reality to the experience. But a MASSIVE one for me personally, is to get those darn monorails working with actual stations…… in RD2. I'd use them so much to just enjoy the view of Night City. Also, better fleshed out NPC and world interactions…….rather than just phone calls. For example, someone calls you over to speak to them down an alley. You notice someone being attacked in a house window and go investigate. A raging wife storms out an apartment and her husband chases her. You notice some kid pickpocket someone, so you chase them. Someone smashes through a bar window in front of you and is attacked by a gang. Events to help make Night City feel even more alive and random. I get it, easier said then done 😉

  5. Imagine not giving free dlc for a game you needed to refund the entire player base got sued over and can barely get 30 dollars for now because no one wants to buy it even for just 30 dollars I'm literally here someone who doesn't even own the game pissed for anyone having to put a single dime into this crap

  6. I want an immersive update adding in full animations for consumables and actually seeing V interacting with everything like opening doors,pressing buttons,using laptops,actually pulling out the “hola” phone and using it like a smart phone instead, id also like to see nightclubs, bars and restaurants expanded upon aswell as the ripperdocs getting completely overhauled with animations when customising V’s cyberware, Id also like to see minigames and a cyberpunk equivalent to gwent aswell as essentials like barbershop and being able to customise our appearance at ripperdocs aswell as a transmog system

  7. Imagine paying money for “features” that is supposed to be in the base game. Look Witcher , far cry, assassin creed , and many more all for free I may add. So why would we have to pay money for something that is supposed to be in there.

  8. Lol it’s cause the truth is the next gen update is just going to be one gun, one car, and another Johnny Appearance. And that’s it boom there is your next gen update. Cdpr has been nothing but incompetent so far and should just quit and hand the reigns over to their modders that they hired.

  9. The lack of customization absolutely kills it for me. Player, vehicle, gun, even apartment customization.
    Charging for dlc is fine, but they showed us stuff in trailers and videos that still isn't in the game, are they going to charge us more for this stuff now??

  10. New game +, better AI, better driving mechanics i.e breaks and bike handling, updated police system, in-game customisation, less pop in,
    Better resolution, more stable frame rate.

    Anything less than this is another fail in my eyes for this up coming next gen update

  11. Tbh doesnt really matter what they do for me. Story is the same every playtrough (exept endings) and aslong as they dont give em more options for diffrent outcomes ive already seen everything. Expansions could help with this but they would have too be good and change stuff in main game too for me too get exited. Ive played games with a set story before and enjoyed it but this games gameplay is also pretty boring and repetative. It would need a pretty big overhaul too even be considered another playtrough for me.

  12. Since Jackie gets us started in Night City, i would've loved to do more jobs with him in the beginning you know, seeing more interaction between V and Jackie. For example, how they save each other during tough situations, going out at night drinking, etc. That way we'd actually see their friendship build, hence his death will have a bigger impact on us as the players…Just a thought

  13. LOL. you are so naive, its almost sickening. The fact that you are relieved that CDPR came out and dispelled the so-called leaks is troubling. Not troubling because you are relieved per-se, but because you are relieved on a singular, and misguided basis, which is basically your incorrect perception, on why they came out and dispelled the fake leaks in the first place.While you state, almost hoping that it is because they have much bigger and better things that will come on the next update, when in fact the exact oposite is the reason why they were so motivated to get out to the public forum, and deny the authenticity of the "leaks".
    The fact of the matter is, there is a whole lot of nothing coming our way in this first quarter, I would almost guarantee that next gen patch will likely get pushed again to the second quarter, where it will then launch to barely discernable differences, the biggest of which is that there is almost NO traffic while driving. As far as patched and updates in Q1, you can expect more of what we have already seen, which is overall game quality being sacrificed in the name of "optimization", patches that create new bugs, and probably no big update in Q1 at all. So, instead, to pacify our dumb gullable asses, they will give us a couple new vehicle a couple weapons and an outfit or 2 which will be their consolation prize. Honestly, we probably wont even get that, and even if they didnt give us a fucking thing, they would get away with it. Why? 1- because we are dumb mindless consumers, and 2- because they fucked so many people, and investors on launch with how they lied, and all the lawsuits got settled for nothing to CDPR. To bring it back around, CDPR came out to dispell the leaks, not because they have WAY bigger and WAY better things than that. They came out against those leaks because they will have WAY WAY less, and they want to lower expectations exponentially.


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