Cyberpunk 2077 – Session 35 – BremSter Plays

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Session 35 in my exploration of Cyberpunk 2077
by CD PROJEKT RED; originally released in 2020.

WARNING: Cyberpunk 2077 contains strong language, intense violence, blood and gore, as well as nudity and sexual material.

I highly recommend these videos for mature viewers only.

You can find the playlist for this series at:

Now I have completed the main story, one of the options for it at least, now I am doing some free play to finish off as much content as I can while waiting for Patch 2.0 and the Phantom Liberty expansion.

I will not be streaming to a schedule, or at regular times; just starting it up when I find time to play.

It is important to note I do not consider myself a great gamer, just a casual player who enjoys exploring a game as I play.
Do not expect speed runs, the best solutions to anything, or the most efficient way to play this game. I will be learning as I play and trying to have some fun.

I am playing in 4k with Path Tracing, but only streaming in 1440p because of internet speed.

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