Cyberpunk 2077 New Update & DLC Have Redeemed the Game

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30 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 New Update & DLC Have Redeemed the Game”

  1. I mean let’s compare it to starfield. A major thing people overlook in cyberpunk is the massive fluid world with so much detail. We all want more interactive elements to the world, but the exterior to interior transitions at the mega buildings etc is a marvel. All the interiors. No loading screens. Shit it takes 4 loading screens in starfield to get come planet to planet. Until you just start skipping everything

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  3. Do you guys think if CD project red concentrated on next Gen and pc, they wouldn't of had a bumpy start? I really didn't have problems as much as some people did. But I'm on Ps5, I guess I was lucky.

  4. Gentlemen. Do you want to at least wait for it to launch to the market, and try it for yourselves, before saying it's a hit?

    For some reason, CP77 fans have an expectation problem

  5. I’ve left this comment on the Cyber punk main channel and I think by presenting this thought to multiple different platforms videos may increase the likely hood of this getting fixed lol. It’s just a small “ugh” type thing but-

    Can you guys fix the glitch where if maxtach is chasing you on foot they dont dash while looking off to the side as seen at 40:5440:56 in the video that was recently released on the cyberpunk channel. This is a glitch even in the base game, Just a minor request, thanks for all your hard work!

  6. Personally, the only bugs I experienced were the motorbike gettings stuck on some rocks, but even that was occasional. I bought the game like 8 months ago I think?

  7. I just hope they fix the netwatch netdriver cyber deck. It’s been bugged since 1.3 launch claiming it uploads to 3 targets within an 8 meter radius but that’s a lie it’s one target I’ve never ever seen the netdriver hit more than two since that update and they still haven’t fixed it


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