Cyberpunk 2077 Making The Most Of Disaster

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Intro/The History of Cyberpunk – 00:00
Life Paths and Combat – 8:48
Night City/World Building – 22:01
Bugs/Glitches/Cut Content – 32:06
Side Content/Gameplay Wrap Up – 39:40
The Story and Characters – 49:14
The Future – 1:10:42

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22 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Making The Most Of Disaster”

  1. Loved your take on the game! Showing all the great story content makes me want to play the game even more! I don't have a very powerful PC so I'm waiting for some more patches that stabilize the game (and hopefully bring some balancing in broken systems)! Great video, thank you! So sad to see that half of the game is really breathtaking and immersive and full of heart and the other half is just "missing". What would have been had they given the development at least another year…

  2. Wow, that turned out really well, great video. I like it that you look at the whole thing without rose-colored glasses and it makes me want to play Cyberpunk2077 again. Unfortunately I played it briefly after it was published, but then dropped it. However, I will probably wait for one or the other patch. And damn it, I let myself be spoiled unexpectedly. : D But that's okay.

  3. out of all Cyberpunk Media that this feels like gelling with the most, I think that Altered Carbon is the closest thing:

    Grimey, neo cyber City Scape – check
    Philisophical questions about self, transferance of essence – check
    Everyone being an alcoholic – check
    Multitude of Wangs on display – check

  4. This review is how I feel. As much as a mess and loss of potential this game is, I had a blast being immersed in the game. It’s still a great experience to be a part of the Cyberpunk world.
    There still much to explore in this world and even be made to warrant story DLC and even a sequel, that I hope looks to 2077 as a learning experience.
    PS: Panam is #1.

  5. Great video. I feel like there's so much hyperbole around this game, it's really easy to get caught up in one camp or the other about it. I feel like anybody with a cool head can clearly see that there is so much to love about the game, but the launch absolutely failed it. I hope the circlejerk of negativity dies down and CDPR takes the time to finish what's here, because it has a mountain of potential.

  6. I played it all the way through on ps4, didn't have as many issues as some but that might be as I lowered most of the settings. It's flawed as all hell but I enjoyed it and will need to give it another go after the updates/when I get a PS5

  7. Really well done video, thanks for taking the time to delve into this properly.

    Had a similar experience regarding the bugs but pretty much in reverse (both on the same PC) first playthrough no crashes and just a couple of T-poses until patch 1.04 which fixed all the issues.

    Second playthrough though… yeah. Loved it even more the second time but I had loads of AI, physics, quests breaking and the whole shebang.

    Now I'm on my third one and besides me intentionally breaking the set piece (instead of fighting Royce as a boss fight I decided to sneak out, this literally breaks Jackie and you can't finish the quest) and the sound of the screeching tires when Jackie drives you home (which happens to everyone apparently with 1.06) I haven't encountered anything regarding bugs, not even T-poses, heck the A.I. is really putting up a fight.

    So it's been weird…

  8. One of the saddest parts of this game is that you can't even look like the NPCs who look cooler than you.

    The developer made textures of those body parts. They're there in the game. You just can't access them.

  9. About that side quest you get from the woman you save in the beginning, there is more to it, but you need a high hacking level and you need to read her databank when you get it. A lot of these smaller side quests have a lot more to them, but require you to make choices that aren't immediately clear,just like the main missions. like the fact you can save brick in the mission where you get the robot for the heist or the fact that you can keep takamura alive after the parade.

  10. Ive never delved into the cyberpunk stuff, and wasn't intreasted in this game, people ridiculed me about it as they did when i told them i never played witcher either, i laughed at them so hard on launch. But i did have friends who loved the game and i know theyll fix it eventually. Im happy to learn so much more frlm your vid, your very passionate about this genre, keep up tth amazing work!


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