So About Cyberpunk 2077 On The Xbox One & PS4…

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Cyberpunk 2077 is out now on several platforms with the PS5 and Xbox Series X running the game pretty well overall. Last generation systems however are struggling with the PS4 and Xbox One having a hard time maintaining a solid frame rate consistently dipping into the teens.

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30 thoughts on “So About Cyberpunk 2077 On The Xbox One & PS4…”

  1. Was watching my friend stream on PS4 pro and yeah it runs okay, but the further away objects were the more it was going back in time to previous gens of ps1 level of graphics. FPS was okay for the most part and only dropped when a lot was going on as expected. Gameplay and story wise it is something I want to play but have base PS4 and don’t want to have my first experience of the game soured because of poor performance. Immersion really makes this kind of game memorable.

  2. I think this game is not next-gen. Everything in it is something that has already been done before. I think the developers are just not talented enough to optimize and polish it for current-gen consoles. If Red Dead Redemption 2 can run on a base PS4 with ease, this game should too. CD Project RED is just consistently dropping the ball with their games.

  3. If anyone is still concerned about this, just turn all of the settings to “off” in the graphics menu of the settings button, and the game runs completely smooth lie butter on base ps4. Better to sacrifice graphics than FPS

  4. They should at least put a performance mode on the older gens yeah it wont look that great and im sure they could still make it reasonable good even on my ps4 pro the frame rate is really really bad feels like im playing a slide show even when turning all the graphical setting off

    Also i still think it was shady they didnt show gameplay before release on the older gens and i was one off those people who took a risk and got it still a good game though just horrid frame rate and a hell off alot off bugs so be prepared peeps

  5. The game is great and I've had tons of fun playing so far but holy shit my the game barely runs on my ps4. Worst part is they talk about how it chugs when you do things but literally it'll drop frames when you look too around too fast.

  6. It's bad coding, plain and simple. If the game looked amazing compared to today's standards, it would be different. Compare CP2077 to the most recent God of War or anything similar… is the result so much better, does it need for a next gen system? Obviously not. They screwed this release by trying to meet the Christmas season deadline. It's a damn shame.

  7. Playing one xbox one x right now and my game has crashed 6-9 times. In the part you do your first BD my screen got locked to the parking lot out front while the cutscene took place. Also the game seems to have a hard time if I do too many hacks back to back.

  8. Is not even a next gen game, wasn't supposed to be in the first place, I feel like they focused more on the PC versions and if so why even release it on the damn consoles… for the people saying that the base ps4 isn't powerful enough must've forgotten about RDR2, GOW, LOU2 and the most recent one GOT, even Apex looks more Cyberpunk than this crap ffs


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