Cyberpunk 2077 | Let's Play | 10

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Hello my friends! V fights her way out of All Foods with the Dum Dum…enjoy!

Quests: Act 1, The Pickup, NCPD Hustle

People: V, Jackie Welles, Maelstrom, Militech, Dum Dum, Lars, Codefreak, Lindsay Barry, Mark Robinson, Anthony Gilchrist, Patricia, Brick, Sanne Douwes, Meredith Stout, Dexter DeShawn, Esteban Ramirez, Max Jones, Tracy Owens, Ana Owens, Peter, Jotaro

Location: Night City, Watson, All Foods Plant

Shards: Orders, Instructions, Elimination #22/8765/NC, Archived Conversation – Esteban and Max, Archived Conversation – Tracy Owens and Ana Owens, Archived Conversation – Peter and Jotaro

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12 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 | Let's Play | 10”

  1. Handling Royce and the credchip differently makes a difference here. If you are playing the Nomad lifepath, finding out the mole's name makes a difference too. Good work on freeing Brick…a lot of new players never even discover him. That makes a difference too, a long way down the road.

    Although you aren't overburdened yet, you are carrying duplicate weapons you don't need…and didn't you want a shotgun? Don't despise the double-barrel guns…they are powerful and quick to reload. Have you upgraded your Dying Night pistol yet? Thrown a grenade yet? Oops…finally looted a shotty, congratulations. Yes, use a scope…shotguns still need to be aimed for best effect. And pump actions reload slowly…honestly, doubles often work better, so experiment.

    Keep in mind that you can reassign your Perk points, so don't be afraid to experiment or change them to suit the situation you're going into. Yes, you can use vehicles you find, or even hijack them. Ones you don't 'own' may quickly disappear if you abandon them even for a few minutes, however.

    As you level up, so will your enemies. You need to upgrade your weapons, or find better ones. Note that the Nekomata sniper and the Ajax rifle are among the best in the game. Upgrading your cyberdeck is important too. Ripperdocs all have the same inventory at the same level…the only change comes if you level up, or use crafting components to upgrade it [totally recommended!].

    There's a lot of tragedy in Night City. Yes, keep Jotaro Shobo's name in mind…

  2. I really would have liked a bit where you get to drive a power loader exoskeleton like what Royce has.

    Anyhow. I hope this isn't considered a spoiler, but you can find Meredith Stout again later I'm told if you look underwater in the docks though I can't recall where exactly. Office politics in the dark future are lethal.

  3. Motorbikes are the best way to get around IMO because you can squeeze through traffic and certain areas like the flyover by Med Center and Corpo Plaza are usually thick with it. You can also wield melee weapons while riding them.

  4. Thank you for siding with the Maelstrom dum dums. At least I finally saw what happens in this case, since on my playthroughs I always side with Meredith Stout, for some reason. 😅

  5. *minor spoiler for a Watson gig
    Wow, you are the only person Ive ever seen play this who read and processed Jataro lore before the Monster Hunt gig.

    As the channel Sam Bram here on YouTube pointed out, I wish CDPR had made his gig one of the last you do for Regina, like you were finally taking down this scumbag terrorizing Watson. I feel like you take him down way too early for how many Gigs and Side Huscles hes involved in across town.

  6. Check Your inventory. Sell some guns or turn them into components.

    It is always to good to visit new ripperdocs.

    Ping Jesika – Ping. Usefu + free XP

    Well… at least You found the "mole".

    A bit of a spoiler… maybe??

    You can find out what has happened to Meredith later in the game…


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