Cyberpunk 2077 – Latest UPDATE 1.4 Patch (What to Expect) #cyberpunk2077 #cyberpunk2077news

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Hey guys, welcome back to another video of cyberpunk 2077 and in this video…. ill talk about the upcoming update or you can say latest patch 1.4. So just sit back and relax and enjoy this video!!!


1 thought on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Latest UPDATE 1.4 Patch (What to Expect) #cyberpunk2077 #cyberpunk2077news”

  1. 1. Fix mirrors and inventory not to dlss.
    2. Make some kind of survival mode, where eating and driking as sleeping has some meaning.
    3. Mod corrections, weapon corrections, not to be posible to make 231 armadilos, and 300% critical chance, it would have some meaning.
    4. Some intro into the bigger dlcs, like hints or something in shards or something.


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