Cyberpunk 2077 Getting Big Features in 2022! All New Leaks, Rumors & Improvements (Cyberpunk News)

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Cyberpunk 2077 Getting Big Features in 2022! All New Leaks, Rumors & Improvements (Cyberpunk News)

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38 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Getting Big Features in 2022! All New Leaks, Rumors & Improvements (Cyberpunk News)”

  1. They gotta fix the driving mechanics because I feel like I'm driving on ice instead of an actual road and it's infuriating trying to drive and accidentally crushing pedestrians against a pole on the side of the ride every time I just wanna make a simple turn, not even trying to carefully drift at a precise moment do shit. 😕

  2. I don't want to sound crazy but everyone want muiltplayer mode why would everyone want muiltplayer it's should be a single player open world game not a muiltplayer open world game. What do you think should we need/not need muiltplayer

  3. I dont know what yall think this "next gen" update is going to look like. Slightly higher texture quality and a few pc settings tweaked a bit…at best. Consoles have the problem of trying to hit 4k which cripples fps.

  4. The thing I’m looking forward to the most is having new game plus, there’s a few things I missed on my first 2 games that I got in my 3rd but that character isn’t primarily meant for those types of weapons like the others

  5. The "rumored" update sounds nice for the most part. I thought for sure they had confirmed there would be at least two paid DLCs for Cyberpunk. Hope that stays true. The Edgerunners series sounds pretty cool. I don't watch much Anime, but I'd check that out. As for a mini-game like Gwent, no offense to people who like that kind of stuff, but we have bigger fish to fry. Seems a waste to me.

    A lot of material that they had considered in the process of making Cyberpunk could be brought back into play here to make things better. There is a lot of content in game that NPCs use that could be made available to the player as well. With the new console edition releases and improved game play tweaks plus new content, we're back in business. I really hope 2022 delivers for Cyberpunk. The first paid DLC might give us an idea of what they're cooking up. I seriously have no idea what direction they'll go from the ending of the base game.

  6. I’m really hopeful that those rumors are true, cause I finished the game while it was a buggy during its first week of release. And although it seemed unplayable, I’m just hoping to be able to get the new rerelease and restart my play through.

  7. What they really need to do is to create separate quest for each fraction in the game and to have reputation with all of them, underground tunnes should be unlocked so that you can travel below the ground Elon Musk style 😄😄

  8. Gta v ai is sill superior to cyberpunk. I have a feeling they are taking a page out of besthda book, just keep adding stuff and hopeful nobody notices we aren't really fixing the gamw


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