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Cyberpunk 2077 expansion details have leaked, the Witcher 4 has completed its research phase, God of War: Ragnarok gets rated in Korea and Returnal may be coming to PC.
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According to VGC, which has seen the leaked files and first reported on them, hundreds of lines of dialogue spelling out most of the events and characters of Cyberpunk’s expansion have appeared online. The dialogue points to a datamined character named Songbird as the focus of the DLC. 
CD Projekt Red has announced that the latest installment in the Witcher saga has completed its “research phase” and is moving forward with development. This means that The Witcher 4 could be entering pre-production relatively soon, at which point CD Projekt Red will figure out the structure and scale of the game among countless other 

According to a SteamDB listing codenamed “Oregon”, it contains tags and descriptions that match Returnal’s world and gameplay mechanics. For example, it contains “Tower of Sisyphus,” which is an endless mode that is part of the game’s latest expansion, Returnal: Ascension.

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34 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Expansion Details May Have Leaked | GameSpot News”

  1. Eh. im not giving CDPR more money for the game so its not all that relevant. Just sounds like they are finishing development by finishing zones.

    idk. I'm so cynical on that game now that I'm not interested in the DLC, especially since I'll have to pay.

  2. Interesting that you are still playing the fake cyberpunk trailer at the background, while talking about the dlc. Should be playing the original cyberbugs game.

  3. Sounds small, 7 quests and some side missions, considering how fast and easy the content was in the base game, this looks more like a DLC than a proper expansion like the two ones for witcher 3

  4. Holding back my excitement, CDPR needs to earn a lot back after CP207's disaster. Also a couple gigs taking place somewhere before the game's finale isn't all that impressive. I won't spoil anything but the story kind of prohibits any after main questline content unless it's an expansion

  5. This feels like bad news… One expansion! CDPROJEKT is not going to try and recover from the lies like "No Man's Sky." It's Official now, this expansion for Cyberpunk 2077 is definitely the make it or break it with the remaining Cyberpunk Enthusiast / Gaming Community.


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