Cyberpunk 2077 – Amazing Secrets & Hidden Items You Need To Get Early! (Cyberpunk Tips & Tricks)

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Cyberpunk 2077 – Amazing Secret & Hidden Items You Need To Get Early! (Cyberpunk Tips & Tricks)
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45 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Amazing Secrets & Hidden Items You Need To Get Early! (Cyberpunk Tips & Tricks)”

  1. nope, siding with militech and kill royce isnt the only way to get his pistol. when u sided with the gang and encounter the militech boss fight (two robots)in the end, you can hide somewhere and wait until the robots kill royce, and then you kill the robots. That way you get items from both bosses

  2. You can get both: Give Royce the spiked card to get the pistol. Either you'll have the card in your inventory already, or you can loot it on location (didn't pay attention, I loot everything). After the job is complete. Hack the card and get the 10k eddies as well as the quickhack. 🙂

  3. You can get the first katana in the prologue. After Saburo Arasaka got killed by his own son you have to leave the room through the glassdoors. Don't do this, go upstairs and you can open now the doors to the roof. There are 2 enemies and Saburos AV, open it and you find a datapad and one of the best and the first katana in the game.

  4. The 1st legendary Katana that you have access to is during the heist prologue mission. After T-bug unlocks the window go up the stairs instead. Kill the two enemies then check inside the car for a katana that does 500% crit damage

  5. I think the blades are almost over powered… With the right perks..can run through a group of 5 or 10 People and not take many hits, and deal great deal of damage… Especially with Mantis Blades…which you can get for free as well

  6. "Likely the earlier you can get a katana" hah what?!? You can get the Satori Katana in the epilogue(During the Heist), which is arguably the best Katana in the game because of it's 500% critical damage.

  7. Hacking into that Millitech chip as soon as you get it is a MISTAKE!
    You get to keep the 10K only if you hold onto it and wait to breach until after the phone call with Dex after the mission… you keep the malware and money only if you wait! Yes, you can still romance Stout if you do this; just shoot Royce during negotiations and explore, explore, explore. There’s so much money at the Maelstrom hideout.

    Case and point, I wonder how many people know that as soon as you enter, head right, climb there is a chest there with a few hundred… I always go this route because I believe the Chaos pistol to be better than whatever Power Revolver you get from Dum Dum.

  8. Don't hack the shard like he did in the beginning of the video, thats wrong. What you're supposed to do is go into the mission, not use the shard, complete it, get a call from Dexter Deshawn, then you can hack it. If you hack it beforehand you will not get the 10,000 eurodollars on it for free.

  9. I recommend siding with meredith and GIVING the spiked chip to royce (DO NOT KILL HIM EARLY, you can kill him later). She gives you a very "Unique" weapon if you help her. THE WEAPON DOES NOT SPAWN IF YOU HAVE NUDITY DISABLED! (unless that got fixed.

  10. I didn’t talk to Stout, or side with anyone, after the boss I got the iconic and dudes purp vest. I was looking around for secrets while he was trippin about me sitting on the couch. Finally dude pull a gun, killed everyone, went in the side room got the bot, rolled the F out.

  11. there is a door many miss during the mission at the Maelstrom base. At 3:40 above Jackie and left of Dum Dum, there is a door. Inside is a amazing sniper rifle for early game snipers, along with other assorted goods. In there also leads to the room where Brick comes out of. Also, the Satori katana is on the roof in the aircab when doing "The Heist" mission. This allows you to melee the quest if you prefer.
    Spoiler content below for endgame story.

    On the computer you can find a message from Blue Eyes

  12. You've confused rows and columns describing how to copy the Cyberdeck Daemon. Rows go left to right while columns go up and down. The first row is at the top, the last row is at the bottom, and columns are first on the left to last on the right, as long as your language reads left to right.

  13. Hi just a clarification, if you accept Meredith stout's money, you will indeed get this chip " synapse burnout " away, but you can actually buy it from a merchant, while if you do NOT accept it you can have romance. afterwards with Meredith and therefore have the iconic weapon, the truncheon in the shape of a "god" …. the choice is your ^^

  14. Hey um I watched your video the deactivate the chip however when you talk to Jackie there is dialog where you don't have to say anything about com or giving you the money which means of Jackie doesn't know about the money you can still go in with our guns blazing you pull out your gun you make sure you don't go offer to repay it again that way you get to keep 10000 enys and the demon U shoot him and you get his right and you get his handgun so technically an act one you get both the money the demon and a hand cannon at least it works on the xbox just a heads up but thanks for making the video


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