Cyberpunk 2077 – 20 Things Longtime Players HATE

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Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – INTRO
00:01:18 – My Car Hates Me
00:02:33 – Panams Blue Ballin Comment
00:03:43 – Aerial Takedown Malfunction
00:04:22 – Holes Without Goles
00:05:13 – Left on Read
00:06:39 – Pull Out Game Weak
00:07:53 – Let Me Color Her
00:09:42 – Gang Gang Let Ya NUTZ Hang
00:10:43 – Craft it Right Craft it Tight
00:12:34 – Pigs N’ Perks
00:14:44 – DOME and CHROME
00:16:14 – FINAL FIVE THINGS Begins
00:16:25 – MEAT with No Brains
00:17:53 – PIMP my Ride
00:18:54 – BRAIN with No DANCE
00:20:20 – WIND, DINE N’ GRIND
00:22:09 – 6 MONTHS
00:24:59 – OUTRO

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3 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – 20 Things Longtime Players HATE”

  1. I have more than 1,000 hours in the game and can confirm, all these things are valid criticisms of the game. Though they're minor in comparison to the strengths of the game and that's why I still fell in love with the game.

    -The vehicle thing at the beginning happened to me a few times and I found that the best solution to avoid this is for you to stand by the side of the road before calling your vehicle. That way, the vehicle's AI or pathing or whatever you call it can find you easier

    -Crafting, yes, as someone who loves the techie build and crafting in games, I found the crafting in this game quite weak. The Witcher 3 has much better crafting system. I really wish the crafting was more immersive with diagrams and stuff.

    -NPCs, yes, I'm quite baffled that in The Witcher 3, NPCs will say their lines when you get in their radius but not on CP77. You'll have to press talk to them before their say their lines. Though there's a Talk To Me mod that makes them say their voice lines automatically like in the Witcher 3 and fun fact, the experience is really different between female and male V because playing as female V, I experience a lot of catcalling which I don't really mind.

    -The romance, yes, it's even worse for straight females like me because we only have one option for romance and that's River. Wish we had more choices.

    -I'm one in the minority that don't really mind that six months thing. Though I understand why players got frustrated about that because Jackie was an amazing character and had strong screen presence.


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