Cyberpunk 2077 – 2.1 New Best Sandevistan Build – 1 Minute Duration – Best Build Ever for 2.1 + PL!

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24 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – 2.1 New Best Sandevistan Build – 1 Minute Duration – Best Build Ever for 2.1 + PL!”

  1. Cdpr red definitely need make a new katana that's made and benefits specifically for berserk when using it maybe like more damage increase like doing double or triple damage of said katana base damage like how scalpel benefits from using sandevistan and the jinchu-maru for optic camo have own effects using them

  2. I currently have your all-15-tech-20 3-in-1 build points-wise, thinking i should probably redo some cyberware. I occasionally test myself with whether i can take out 8-9 maxtac that arrive to Jinguji in Bullets side job, so far i can't so i keep reloading a previous save, cuz i want to get Melissa's Maxtac Mantis Blades.

    Maxtac seems to be resistant to Ultimate hacks (suicide, psychosis, system collapse)

  3. This is why CDPR sux. Every update has nerfed weapons and perks and cyberware or levels needed to get them AND…when reading the 2.1 notes from CDPR you notice they dont mention the nerfs and changes only the new wonderful features Metro, Romance…blah blah blah. Same with every other update, they never mention the facts that would make one not want to update, like when they diminshed the Crusher in such a subtle way that you wouldn't notice in 1.3? What did they do, they dropped the number of pellets from 6 to 5 (an 16% DROP IN dps) but who would notice? Was it included in the notes, course not. These constant "balancing" moves seem to be designed to have players replay the game and adapt to newer conditions, but… there are no other games (that are not multiplayer) where balancing is done.
    With 2.0 they introduced a ton of new styles of gameplay Air Dash, Quake, Finishers, Focus, etc. And those were all a great improvement to gameplay but they also constantly nerfed weapons and items that effected gameplay (nerfed the hell out of monowire so it no longer stunned enemies making them easy to kill as they couldn't shoot back or advance on you.


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