Can you beat Cyberpunk 2077 NAKED with GRENADES only?

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So apparently this was a terrible idea but hey, it’s 2077, why not.

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44 thoughts on “Can you beat Cyberpunk 2077 NAKED with GRENADES only?”

  1. HEY THERE. Hope you enjoy this video that took me 30 hours longer than I expected! If you wanna help support the channel (ONLY if you want to) subscribe to me on Twitch, that way you get a bunch of fun emotes and ad free streams outta the deal! Figured that's better than patreon:

  2. Hey Kevduit! I don't know if you'll ever see this but you should use mods on the game. Just mod the living hell out of it. Why? Because no game was ever made perfect, that's what mods are for.

  3. it is the easiest game I have ever played, not only RPG… very hard is super easy. the fact that you dont even have to shoot cars shows how scripted this game is. I like it, its fun but its still a letdown in the end.


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