Cyberpunk 2077 Leaked Developer Montage/YTP

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I assume this video was made by the devs for shits and giggles or it’s a blooper type video that they decided not to release.

There are parts where whoever made the video received messages and so on I will make sure to censor them, if you are a CDPR developer/employee watching this you can contact me, I will make sure to censor or delete whatever you want. Or you can just copystrike the video and delete it, I won’t respond.
I found the leaked video posted on gamingleaksandrumours and uploaded it on Youtube.

About Cyberpunk’s rocky launch.
Devs were given a very short period of time and an extremely high expectation thanks
to all the adverts and a huge scope to make the game, there were much less employees compared to an industry giant like Rockstar Games and the language + country barrier resulted in the game as we know today, a not very critically acclaimed game that resembles a Far Cry game than an Open World RPG, some people liked it some people didn’t but I still gotta respect the devs patience and work on the game as the engine is built from the ground-up and so on.


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