Asmongold Starfield is Trash Cyberpunk 2077 Wins

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how bad or good is starfield and is it fun to lay or should you not get it?


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13 thoughts on “Asmongold Starfield is Trash Cyberpunk 2077 Wins”

  1. Am I in bizarro world where someone is using CYBERPUNK as a good comparison to anything??? Cyberpunk didn't have half the features shown in the comparison on release. Comparing it to Starfield day one is beyond stupid.

  2. The hate for systems and such is absolutely valid. But people who say just go play No Man’s Sky do sound pretty dumb. One is a space sim, the other is a story driven RPG…they are in now way interchangeable or comparable other than their space setting and an emphasis on exploration. You can’t go to NMS and expect to get a story, just like you can’t go to Starfield and expect a fully seamless universe. That’s just a legitimately non-sensical thing to say if you actually look at context. Again with that being said, the engine is shit and they could have done better.

  3. lol copium is one hell of a drug man fanboying is embarrassing I just don't get it honestly. The game is mediocre at best like there's 2 things I liked about the game the ship customization and the audio design. Everything else in the game is objectively bad….

  4. Men i really like the game, 20hours in it, there are so many cool elements like ship customization, nice armors, a lot of good side quests, some of them putting a smile on my face, companions are pretty good, but this game doesn't seem like it's been developed for 7 years, the world is just dead, those random planets are awfull and there is absolutely nothing on them besides copy pasted caves and bandit outposts, no sense of adventure and exploring the world like in previous games, game is extremaly easy because AI is worse than in Morrowind, enemies are so stupid it's crazy, both aliens and bandits, and companions too, I love doing stuff in the cities, sidequests and doing stuff with my ship like customization and pirating, and outposts are way better than in F4, but man it's a big dissapointment, I really don't know where does 7 years went


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