Angry Employee LEAKS Cyberpunk 2077 Cut Content, DLC & Disses Keanu Reeves Who At CDPR To Blame

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If this is all true, there was an absolute ton of game cut to meet the deadlines, content that I hope comes back soon

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46 thoughts on “Angry Employee LEAKS Cyberpunk 2077 Cut Content, DLC & Disses Keanu Reeves Who At CDPR To Blame”

  1. Expansions… Should typically be free to begin with. It's the responsibility of the company to promote and support their product, not the customer. People have forgotten this.

  2. I mean, I honestly am enjoying CBP2077. Waited until I got series X, and despite a few oddities that occur (dying while walking downstairs to the afterlife… ironically funny), it's more than tolerable. Once game is fully functional, will be a real good play….some of those cut things do sound pretty badass though lol

  3. And that's why we only get bad companies… when a good company messes up it looses so much, but after this is actually better for the company to be "bad" Because EA didn't receive a quarter of CDPR hate and anthem was a broken mess, so bad that it has to be redone from scratch! also hello games, WB, bethesda etc etc etc…

  4. I hope its true, because I've completed entire game with all side quests, and it was underwhelming. No proper RPG elements, like pure hacking route, or pure social route, etc. And not possible to destroy Night City at the end, which CDPR promised. Best thing that was in Cyberpunk is JoJo references with Tarot quest and endings

  5. I have a beef with this game. Why does it make you help cops and do their work for them? I hate cops (in game), and I want to shoot them in the face (my character).

  6. Tbh playing Cyberpunk I often felt like there was a lot missing that should be in the game, and not from a 'that big should not be there' standpoint. Makes sense now.

  7. Despite all the issues and the disappointment of not getting what they promised, I would be lying if I said I’m not enjoying the heck out of the game anyway. If they had marketed it as an open world looter shooter and called it a day I would have been fine with it.

    I’m almost through my first playthrough, and was going to do another afterward but I think I’m going to hold off until we get some official details on big updates. Whether this leak is real or not, I want my next play though to at least start with proper cop behavior and basic quality of life stuff back in the game.

  8. I see no reason to rush playing a unfinished game. I have no idea why some people force themselves to play it now in its bugged state instead of simply working on their backlog. The game isn't going to run away.

  9. I actually kind of like Keanu-Johnny. There were a couple moments where I think he could have been a little more emotional, but other than that I loved his performance. Keanu’s acting style was perfectly suited for Johnny’s dryly sarcastic lines, his almost flippant and dismissive attitude about basically everything, and his occasional voice-raised monologues against Arasaka, where he sounds more defeated and sad than angry, because after literally nuking them but accomplishing nothing he’s given up hope.

    I think he was weakest in his flashbacks, because he should have been more “into it”. Like, he should have come off as more angry and enthusiastic in taking on Arasaka, instead of being the same tired, defeated, dismissive ghost he is after dying. In his flashbacks sometimes he comes off as if he thinks he’s already lost. All his stuff with V is pure gold though, no matter what dialog you choose and what relationship you foster with him, the chemistry between him and the player character is great.

    Though, I guess that while Keanu fit the version of Johnny we got, it’s possible they had originally intended to make an entirely different take on the character, and that the one we got was specifically designed for Keanu to play.

  10. Need to tell the Corpo scum to shut it, let the actual devs make the game for what it was supposed to be, and quietly stuff their pockets anyways. Idiots pulling the reigns, everywhere in the world. Why do you think its such a cess pool right now?

  11. I'm sorry. Other than some PS4/5 users still struggling with crashing issues the game is fine./ Yes they have some things to fix, but if you look at the clickbait titles of many sites you would think the game is a complete ruin. It run fine on the PC and XBOX Series X/S and even decent on the XBOX One. Yes it lacks a few features they originally showed off, but they had shown off what you were going to buy (except the performance on consoles).

    Many people do not care about multiplayer or at least that it is delayed. The mod community is FAR more important (at least to me). Calling it early access is a bit extreme. The main story and side stories are great. The city is incredible and the sound track is great. There is NO reason to not play it now, but it will definitely be worth a few more playthroughs. I wish the assaults in progress would slowly respawn, but there are NO random encounters. Every single mission, Cybersycosis, NCPD mission… is all planned. I did all the side missions and it let me hit level 50 just before I had nothing but the 'point of no return' missions. I also wish the story was more open ended, but because they put interactions with Johnny in so many of the missions it would be hard to do.

    I have confidence in CD Project Red fixing everything and it is nice that the first DLC will be free. I also have confidence in the modding community as they have already started to step up and crank out some good mods. I think 99% of the complaints though are coming for the noisy 1% and the sites trying to through fuel on the fire for clickbait. The game is great. When I can put 180 hours into a game I paid $60 for I am happy. 33 cents an hour for good entertainment is a steal.

  12. Screen Rant on Marvel Avengers : A Marvelous Comic Book Campaign
    Screen Rant on Cyberpunk : It's basiclly a early acess game

    It's almost as if these "journalists" where waiting for a Publisher they can call out to claim how they're siding with the customers. I just hope this will change the game industry to a point where they no longer think that a day 1 patch is normal but I think the only consequence here will be CDPR losing some money and business for everyone else will go on as usual…

  13. Dude, please take it easy on title of the videos.

    I know it's intentional, but you're not a small fish in a big pond, trying to draw attention anymore. You got more than 1mi subscribers, please be more responsible and sensible with that, you're now just drawing the wrong type of attention!

    And believe me, even if there's no thing as 'bad' marketing, it still hurts long time subscribers and may alienate new viewers!

  14. There are 2 things that Journalists can't seem to grasp here when they write crappy posts, 1) Just because CDPR said free DLC in Early 2021 doesn't necessarily mean JAN/FEB it can be anywhere in the first half of the year up until June and 2) just because CDPR have a class action lawsuit against them doesn't mean that development on DLC/Updates will stop, it is not the developers that are being taken to court, it will be the upper management that will deal with the lawsuit who are in charge of CDPR as they are the ones that deal with investors.

  15. I know when you are saying mod it is a pc thing and couldn't possibly modded the game on my XBOX but I kid you not, I could swear an NPC spontaneously combusted in my game. It happened so fast I was uncertain of what had just happened. I pulled up in a police car (BTW the dubstep siren kills me) parked it while pedestrians were walking past and as I get out of the car, something next to me pops and as I go around the other side of the vehicle to find a huge mess of blood and what looks like guts or flesh on the floor.

    Oh and BTW…. leave Keanu alone, I absolutely love him in the game.
    I actually wondered how long it would take for the negative coming from this game to be turned on Keanu…. shame in you.

  16. Soo basically we didn’t get the awesome original vision of cyberpunk we got the pussy leftist version because Uk we can’t go around offending anyone w actual good original content. No it needs to be boring and dry!

  17. I suppose it depends on the kind of content. If it is just a special car or motorbike…….. not really interested. I am downloading it again cause I accidentally deleted it as it was updating. But the 16hrs that I played was pretty damn good. Yeah I had some bugs but after the first update it ran much smoother and no crashes. Playing on Xbox One original console


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