25 Details, Easter Eggs & Interesting Things in Cyberpunk 2077

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Cyberpunk 2077: 25 Easter Eggs and details, many of which I missed and you told me about, THANK YOU! Let’s spend some time picking through the back alleys of Night City with a fine toothed comb!

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0:00 – Intro & Warning
0:45 – 25. Slam Dunk
1:29 – 24. Police Shooting
2:03 – 23. David Martinez Ripper Doc
2:30 – 22. Becca & Pilar’s Place
2:56 – 21. Misspelled Graffiti
3:38 – 20. Crashed Kang Tao
4:14 – 19. Exploding Cars
4:39 – 18. The Big Lebowski
5:08 – 17. Netrunner in Fridge
5:33 – 16. Netrunner by Server
5:43 – 15. Dead Merc
6:03 – 14. Door Code Fail
6:19 – 13. Gillean Jordan
6:45 – 12. Cat Shower
7:07 – 11. FF Stands for…
7:20 – 10. Hideshi Hino Poster
8:06 – 9. Crime + Punishment + Zombies
8:17 – 8. Bojack Horseman
8:22 – 7. Lucy (Mia)
9:00 – 6. Debtor in Watson
9:34 – 5. Banksy?
9:45 – 4. Roach Race Rewards + Barbosa
10:12 – 3. Check Different Laptops
10:30 – 2. Total Recall
10:59 – 1. Loot Body


20 thoughts on “25 Details, Easter Eggs & Interesting Things in Cyberpunk 2077”

  1. My favorite ones were
    – In the Badlands, there's a truck with female bodies and one man lying on the road. If your read the shard, it is an easter egg to Mad Max: Fury Road
    – In the Corpo V lifepath intro, when you open V's desk in his office you can see a magazine featuring The Witcher 3 Ciri
    – During Play It Safe, you can spot a swallow during the parade which is also the same bird that you see in the nomad ending. Apparently, Witcher 3 Ciri's alias is Swallow.
    – The Rubik's cube sequence in The Devil ending is a tribute to Hellraiser.
    – GTA: San Andreas' Grove Street is replicated in a certain suburb of Rancho Coronado which is located nearby an underpass where there's an NCPD hustle. While in The Badlands, you will find a scene and shard in reference to the infamous train mission in GTA: San Andreas
    – Lastly, in Wakako's Gig: Olive Branch, the client, Sergei made a mistake that involves a man and his dog which is in fact a cool easter egg and reference to John Wick, also another movie where Keanu Reeves starred in

  2. If you walk into the no-tell motel there’s a Pulp Fiction reference on one of the walls, you can see “does he look like a bitch?” Graffitied on one of the walls

  3. I was doing some sort of quest at the basketball court and that's how I found it. I wasn't sure if you had mentioned it in one of your other vids.
    And the names in the shard didn't click with me as I haven't seen the film.
    I would never see half of these things without your vids. I need to pay more attention to my surroundings…

  4. For those who can't get Takamura to trigger for the Hideshi Nono joke….. Just let him get to the spot first.
    Took me a while, because I always got there first. But one time, I stopped to look at a pair of sweet silver high heel boots on an npc (jealous, I was) and when I got there, it triggered.

    Does anyone know how to trigger the convo between V, Johnny and Judy in the elevator? The one where Judy asks why the adverts are always about sex, and Johnny voices his appreciation for bewbs.
    I saw it back when the game fist came out, but I've never been able to trigger it, been trying since 1.6
    Think its when visiting Maiko, after leaving her office at Clouds, but before going to say "Hello there" to Woodman lol


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