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n today’s GameSpot News, we explain why Cyberpunk 2077 is popular again and there are new updates on Street Fighter 6 and Tekken 8.
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According to SteamDB and spotted by Eurogamer, concurrent players peaked yesterday at 37,000, beating other popular games such as Elden Ring, Destiny 2, and Grand Theft Auto V on the Steam Charts. This is more than double Cyberpunk 2077’s August high of 16,000 players and is presumably thanks in part to the Edgerunners update that added a substantial number of new features and improvements.

Moving right along to some fighting games. One day after Capcom’s TGS 2022 Special Program showcased new modes, characters, and a closed beta test for Street Fighter 6, a separate presentation has confirmed the launch roster for the game through an intro video. The presentation showed the introduction to the game’s single-player story mode World Tour, which showcases the entire roster as a narrator talks over the video. All 11 confirmed characters were shown, as were seven previously unknown fighters.

In other fighting game news, Tekken 8 director Katsuhiro Harada has revealed even more info about what we can expect from the fighting game sequel during an interview with IGN. Aside from more exciting father versus son showdowns, Tekken 8 is built from the ground up in Unreal Engine 5. None of Tekken 7 has been re-used, and Harada was excited to describe the impressive in-game footage. As for the story, Harada called Tekken 8 a turning point and promised that the story mode hasn’t been shrunk from what players saw from Tekken 7. Looking toward the future, Harada expressed optimism about the longevity of fighting games. Harada also said he was interested in how the fighting game scene will shift, commenting on the transition from arcade to console, and now what could possibly happen in the future.

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  1. It's amazing what happens when you play the game and form your own opinions instead of relying on YouTubers and influencers to tell you what you think. I'm not saying the game didn't have issues. It did. But what I'm saying is we don't have a single triple A title that influencers haven't slammed. The cycle is hate the game before you play it, play it for a couple hours and make a video about how much you hate it. 6 months later actually play the game. Release your updated "gUyS i WaS wRoNg" video. Rinse, wash, repeat.

    Play the game yourself. Then decide if you like it or not. We're giving waaaay to much power and weight of opinion to people that are quite literally paid to generate clicks and views. It's a scientific fact that anything negative always gets more interaction. More interaction is more money. Plain and simple.

    Think for yourself while it's still legal.

  2. Think I'm ready to play it on my PS5 now. Got it on my PS5 instead of PC cuz I want to sit back and enjoy it comfortably in 5.1 sound. The wallpaper for this game is true art. SF6 needs 24 characters at launch and do away with the game being one big giant nickel and diming ad.

  3. I dropped Cyberpunk a few days after release due to several bugs/queststoppers I encountered. I tried to jump on it again, but every patch broke my save file and I had to start over and over again. My immersion broke on multiple occasions thanks to my V looking like a christmas tree and I couldn*t change her. So I said to myself I will wait to play until Transmog drops. And it dropped just recently, like 1 3/4 years after release. Took them really long fo that feature to implement. I don*t know how complicated the code is, but I never would have guessed, that Transmog of all features would take so much time and effort to implement.

  4. Because 80% of gamers are sheep bleating some trending salmon. Old Gen users were right to be mad, New gen and PC gamers all of the sudden deemed to game unplayable, after some reddit threat about the police trended. Now the gatekeepers say its a good game and the sheep follow once more…


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