Wheel and body. Quadra V-Tech in real life. Cyberpunk 2077. Part 17

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Hi everyone! This is a new part dedicated to the assembly of Quadra V-Tech from Cyberpunk 2077! I’ll finish the body, install the filler neck and try on the steering wheel in its place


41 thoughts on “Wheel and body. Quadra V-Tech in real life. Cyberpunk 2077. Part 17”

  1. I love how cool this is coming along. I did getting a little anxious watching you with the steering wheel held together by super glue. Do you have plans on reinforcing it with steel rods or some other method.

  2. Awesome job!!!
    But I noticed you didn't use any jack stands while welding. Safety first my dude. Or I'm just blind and didn't notice them.
    But as always your work is almost perfection 👌

  3. When i see 3D printed steering wheel, a just was like WTF, it's extremely fragile and weak and dangerous, just try realize how force by lever is on 2 screws at center, it really dangerous when it broke on ride. make it / cast from aluminium or make steel reinforcement under it. Btw nice job overall.

  4. just binged the playlist so far, this shit is great, i love the double rear wheels as well as the doors, you're very good at what you do and i can't wait to see how this all turns out when finished.

    you, my good man, deserve a hell of a lot more subs!

  5. Mate you wouldn't have this problem ( 0:22 ) If u installed wheels with different widths before like it was on concept screenshots of of V-Tech and on teaser trailer of coberpOnk2077
    That is what do people with similar twowheels set ups like this dude with his mazda: https://youtu.be/Nhw8oRf2H6o
    Or for smoothing it out you can play with tyre pressure it would help and Would be cheaper
    И да чел Это называется кресла (seats), а не стулья (chairs) лол, ты конечно красавчик, но мог бы и проверить как обычно люди называют кресла в тачке зарубежом…)

    На всякий случай если ты всё же не из рашки, в чём я очень сомневаюсь, Mister united states)
    It calls seats not chairs 8:56


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