What Is The FUTURE of Cyberpunk 2077 Story & Ending

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Cyberpunk 2077 story & ending was great but left lots of players wanting more. So let’s discuss what could be a possible DLC that revolves around the story in Cyberpunk 2077.

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0:28 How The DLC Theories Were Made
0:51 Why an Epilogue DLC?
3:46 Saving V’s Life DLC
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42 thoughts on “What Is The FUTURE of Cyberpunk 2077 Story & Ending”

  1. My ending would be that V gets cured , Johnny who has now had two shots at his life, should not feature in any DLC, and instead stay in Cyberspace, where V gets cured and we can finally play Vs story, about her rags to riches story or even join some of the Night City gangs such as Street kid either joining Valentino or Padre, or the V that goes with Panam gets cured and is now joined the Nomads, If you sign with Arasaka your engram is put in a new body, and become Corpo. Just ideas. But please No more Johnny in future DLCs or this game will just be a fan game for Keanu. I love his acting and films but my V , Not really comfortable playing as Johnny.

  2. What if Mr Blue Eyes contacts you after you get to Arizona and poked around there for a bit? And then after a few conversations and Shady dealings you find out that he (or who ever he works for) can help you with your situation, but requires you to do something for him involving "The Crystal Palace". Later on you take a trip to space and then the DLC starts. Also*** you mentioned that Mr Blue Eyes could be working for Militeck and since they are an American based corporation, they can easily find you.

  3. Why not just get uploaded into a new body (full character creation again is viable) via Arasaka Contract ending just like the head of Arasaka did. Maybe they create clones or something for DNA viability and the story resolves around working with Araska or against them (again I guess.)

  4. idea: V/Johnny assualts an arasaka base in arazonia, to steal a blank relic 2.0 and a relic 1.0, v gets put on the 2.0 (repairing v's dna and body) and johnny gets put on the 1.0 so he can talk to v 'like old times'

  5. It seems rather unpredictable what they are gonna do with the dlcs so im going to keep my expactations low as they royally dissappointed us before in my opinion i doubt they will expand on the endings as they all end with v's fate being either he/she is doomed to die or ambgious and even for the endings where there is a chance he may live its still looking grim for v.

    I doubt the panam ending will help V get cured i mean if a megacorp with the best expert scentists and technology couldnt help V they aint no way some random fuck in arizona which is probably a desert wasteland at this point will make a difference.

    Personally all i want from the DLC is to hopefully see meredith stout again if you helped her i get people say "its hard to put a character in dlc if they can die in previous playthrough" or "but that means people will be forced to to start over to acess her content" well thats the players fault and choice and you wluld have to start over anyway if you screwed your relationship with any other character as well i felt that meredith could have been a great asset to understanding and doing jobs for militech since they are arasakas biggest rivals.

  6. Great video, I am surprised you didn’t touch on the tarot cards and the difference between the two endings for DLC. I do like how you noticed that Peralez was an outlier in the ending videos as he had no reason to contact us after his ending.

  7. I think you might be onto something with Peralez. I hadn't considered that he's the only side quest character that calls you, which would make sense feeding into a DLC expanding on that story. I think there's a good possibility we get one of these two paths, though of course, exactly how it's done is yet to be seen.

    I think each of the endings fit a different side of the story quite well, and while I'm hoping the DLC is able to add to things, I really hope they don't give the game a happy, "optimal" ending through it, as I feel that would strongly undercut the messages of the game. I think ideally, the DLC would expand further on themes from the base game and any resolution V obtains in regards to his condition should come with an appropriate cost/difficulty.

    Idk, I guess what I'm getting at is that a lot of people seem to want a really happy ending that ties everything up with a bow, but I just don't think that's how things work in the world of Cyberpunk 2077, wrong people, wrong city. Don't forget, V isn't some morally upstanding paragon, they slaughter enemies in the hundreds for fame, though tbf some of em' deserve it, like the scavs. Overall, great video, looking forward to the DLC!

  8. Morgan Blackhand will definitely be part of the dlcs. He was cut from the main game in the 50min "gameplay" we saw him as V's childhood hero, we know that the story got rewritten and they probably kept him for future dlcs as he's the most mentioned character from the 2020 games apart from obviously rogue,johnny and arasaka. So maybe we get a heart of stone sized dlc where he's back in NC for some unfinished business in 2077 and by the end of it with the choices we made throughout the dlc, he comes with us in the final mission with probably a new ending. OR The dlc I really want is a playable Morgan Blackhand either right after johnny nukes saka towers which could tie up the story about how Rogue is the sole survivor of the assault and how she cut a deal with arasaka to live peacefully or before and we get to play in the 2020s with the 2020 gangs and 2020 NC. Idk if it's the plan but Morgan is definitely part of it since it's Mike Pondsmith's , the creator of the 2020 game, favorite/personal character and making a video game without him is crazy.

  9. I want an ending where V and Johnny end up in the same body except V stops dying and they live together happily ever after. And then they can escape into the net or get a new body after that one dies.
    Mr Blue Eyes is probably an AI with brainwashing capabilities, like Johnny said after Jeff's mission. There are at least two different ways for an AI to take over a body, 1 is like Johnny on a relic chip when he gets to drive V's body, and 2 is like whatever Maelstrom did to download Lilith.
    Blue Eyes has come down from the Moon base to prepare things for the upcoming AI invasion (VDBs speak about the invasion as the reason why they want to meet Alt, and Maelstromers mention it as well when they speak about "the Moon-Mother as she descends to Earth"), and if V gets him whatever from the Crystal Palace, he's going to give her a non-dying, working body to live in. (Maybe they can even download Johnny back into V's body after V vacates it.)

  10. deleted an old destiny game install that the previous ps4 owner installed, finally freed up the necessary space to allow more than a notification patch 1.06 has no space to install and will not be downloaded to finally catapult my gamesave and updated game file to be latest patch with fixes. Maxed 3 stats to level 20. pistol crit, smart weapons, and 6000 legendary max clothing slot items, and millions from slaying sasquatch in pacifica of course.1st playthough no contract sent to stay in NC, 2nd same game save was Rouge playthrough where Johhny gives control to V to zero gravity assault a spacecasino. I got the Red Nomad Offroad car, so whole Panam sidequest shut down without romance, and without secret ending 5 minute 4th option glitch working, just mentioned Rouge, Judy, and no Panam option to call well after 5 minutes. I just wanted to OP my character so that guns scale to still be one shots, turns out the game will play a new main mission so regularly all that leveling just depleted all main missions and I was at meet honika at embers holding back from 2nd week after launch in Dec till now. And I finally can walk away from it not craving any more leveling before missions.

  11. There should have been an entirely separate ending cutscene if you manage to complete the secret ending and let V take the body instead of Johnny, I was pretty disappointed to find out that there was no special ending.

  12. I almost think they could do a spiderweb ending where we start with 3, that all lead to a choice of 2 and each of those two has an ending and or a secret ending. Insert your theory and I can see how they could give us 15 hr content that is still replayable and fresh for 3-4 runs! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

  13. The Nomad ending could also lead V back to the Crystal Palace because of Stormtech. Stormtech is closely related to the 7 Nomad nations, which might be one of Panam's/Aldecaldos contact and there is also a Stormtech office in the crystal palace. So that could be the Aldecaldo's way of curing V.

  14. Honestly I don't think CDPR will have a DLC involving a 'true ending DLC' CDPR wants the player to choose their ending for a reason. If anything they can have DLC gaving some characters more back story like Jackie, Adam Smasher, Rouge, etc. If they want to follow the table top game, they can add more character backgrounds to choose from. Like adding Rockerboy, Media, Cop, ect.

  15. The ending is not incomplete, it is a grief process done right, were the most important part of the game hapens, v acepts his death, thats why in almost all ending he survives, he end up happy, after that there are no things we can see that are important, is the most powerful ending I have seen and felt because just like V we new there was no going back

  16. I think both will happen, but one after the other. let me explain
    if v become ruler of the afterlife. there is no reason why v wouldn't put most if not all their resources into saving their life while trying to make an even bigger name for themselves.
    if they leave with the aldecaldos chances are they are going to get into even bigger trouble making an even bigger name for themselves attracting the attention of Mr. blues

    the Arizona/aldecaldos content is going to come first because it is easier to place in a timetable as to why v would be there, and the crystal place can take place at any time because of technobabble which is what they are taking advantage of to assault the crystal place in that ending.

  17. The only ending that I found OK was leaving night City with nomads and Judy however you only will live out 6 months with here making it seem rly upsetting and since your still screwed

  18. Here is what I think we can have in a DLC

    DLC 1: In Game Features
    Give the players the missing features promised in early development, 3rd person cut scenes, customizable cars, an actual garage with all owned vehicles, more romance stories/options, purchasable apartments, new/additional quests that were previously cut, NCPD or Corpo questlines, etc. Basically finish the base game of what it was supposed to be.

    DLC 2: Pre Game DLC
    Extended backstory for each life path where we spend more time with our character and being a Corpo Agent, actually being a Nomad or living as a Street Kid. After that, we can play during the 6 month period with Jackie and live during that highlight reel to see what happened and get to know Jackie more.

    DLC 3: Post Game DLC
    Basically this video. There are lots of options but the easiest option for them is also kinda disappointing which is all roads lead to Blue Eyes. Similar to how the life paths had 15 minute intros and then led to the rest of the game, the first 15 minutes will lead the player to how they meet Blue Eyes. The rest of the DLC is the mission. You have the choice to accept the mission or decline the mission.

    If you accept the mission, it works like this. If V took the body, Blue Eyes will show you that he has a way to save your life and shows you a viable method to do it but you need to do this one mission for him. If Johnny takes the body, Blue Eyes will contact him and make an offer to give V a full life. Johnny does the mission but dialogue is different for him but choices are similar. The only 2 endings that this can't work for is the suicide and the Sign Contract ending. All other endings, you can make a way for Blue Eyes to contact V or Johnny.

    If you decline the mission, you see how V lives the rest of his life out before the end of his life and you get to choose how you go out. Your main story ending dictates how your V will live the rest of his life. If Johnny declines the mission, we get to see where Johnny ends up as well.

    Creating 4-6 unique ending extended experiences will be a nightmare for development and with how much work they still need to put into the main game, I really don't see them putting more work in a back end DLC. That and creating a whole new map in a new city outside of Night City would take so much more time. It makes sense to just develop and make additions to the current map of Night City and make 1 new map which is the Space Heist in the Crystal Palace as the DLC mission. The nice thing about the Crystal Palace is that you can make it a self contained map with a limited size. It also offers a fully new environment of what it would be like in space.

    Personally though, I don't feel they should even do a Post Game DLC at all. You have made your decisions, leave the hopefulness or bleakness of the ending to the player to create their own story of how it goes in their head. Any attempt to extend the ending will either be way too much development work and possibly create a lackluster product, or an over simplified all roads lead to one ending structure making your previous choices not matter. So I'd say, don't do it because you lose either way. Just develop the current game and pre-game and leave it there.

  19. DLC post ending is a tricky proposition. Clearly these endings were designed to be the terminus of the storyline. Otherwise they wouldn't diverge so wildly. But it's not hard to see that various 'stories' could be quickly presented that all converged upon a point of commonality to allow the player to explore some new 'end game' content.

    One mechanism would be to have the player take on a new mantle as either an entirely new character, or as one of the related characters such a panam, mamma wells etc. This would clearly open up any time span CDPR wanted to explore.

    Another, and one that has been very requested would be to fill in the six month gap between the 'life path' tutorial mission and the mission to rescue Sandra Dorsett.

    Honestly however, I think the DLC will simply consist of cut content that help to flesh out the overall game play for any given play through. Perhaps some form of 'radiant' job system wherein either new or vanilla jobs become repeatable on some kind of randomized spawner. Or perhaps we will finally get back all that cut underground content adding even more depth the NC's verticality. Perhaps we'll see all those shards that are currently used as impromptu books become literally on demand downloadable narrations and brain dances. A download bar would certainly fit in the setting.

    Via video previews we saw that CDPR were playing around with weapons that were far more modular than what we've ended up with. Perhaps this will be a part of what is revived. It certainly had a more interesting look to it than what we've ended up with.

  20. I could see a dlc happening that adds some new variations with the endings. It could add a new major questline that after completed changes the endings a bit so that V is no longer dying

  21. Hear me out. The DLC will probably be (if you chose the nomad Panam ending) you going to Arizona and then meeting up with Panam’s contact and they possibly finding a way to let you live a little longer. Also that you would continue being a nomad and go around the world trying to get help. Or possibly you could go to Mr.Blue Eyes and he’ll possibly have a contact that can download your conscious and you’ll be transferred to a different body like Saburo Arasaka and continuously live on doing heists and more maybe even being a person like Saburo(being a corporation owner/having a company like Arasaka). The other DLC will be if you chose path of glory and you do the casino assault/heist you’ll become a bigger legend. If you succeed you’ll become a king of NC and be able to do whatever you want, be extremely rich, have every car, and be a fixer until your time comes (if your conscience doesn’t get copied). The Arasaka ending I feel like you’ll end up like Adam Smasher and be a killer for arasaka. Also if you choose Johnny you’re fucked I can’t think of a DLC where you are Johnny going around the world and just living life. I feel like all the DLCs Gingy said are extremely good with evidence too and everything like that but the end of the game is you dying anyway. The only way to keep living is your conscience getting copied and transferred to other bodies like Saburo.

  22. My guess would be that the first dlc will focus on saving V and the second dlc will have a small time jump of something like a year or two and will focus on mr Blue eyes, militech and maybe Morgan Blackhand

  23. I actually think that all the endings (Save for suicide or Johnny leaving NC in V's body) have the potential for a post game expansion where all of them are included, and there is lore to back it up.

    As you said for Panam's ending, she has contacts outside of Night City that can help V with their problem. According to the Cyberpunk RED worldbook (Which was developed parallel to 2077), the Aldecaldos have ties to a corporation called Storm Technologies (StormTech for short). They specialize in biotech and nanite technology. One peculiar thing about them, however, is that they have an office in the Crystal Palace.

    This leads me to the next ending, being the Rogue/Johnny/Solo ending where V keeps their body (Sun).

    This sees you being hired by Mr. Blue Eyes to storm the Crystal Palace like you stated before. V mentions that while they have nothing to lose, they stand to gain everything if the job goes well. My theory here is that this will probably be related to some kind of relic tech that could help V with their problem.

    The final one (and the one that has the least ground to stand on), is the Arasaka ending in which V signs the contract.

    If V doesn't sign and goes to Earth well CDPR can tie it in somehow but I digress. If V signs the contract and participates in the Save Your Soul program, they get put into Mikoshi and whatnot. If you read the computers during this ending, you find out SYS is a scam and is serving as a front for illegal data extraction and surveillance. When V signs the contract, they essentially forfeit their rights and become Arasaka property with no guarantee that they'll be coming back. You have essentially made a deal with the Devil (hence the ending's namesake).

    I want to pivot here and talk about Adam Smasher. Smasher was a mercenary who found himself in a different yet similar situation to V. He was essentially turned to paste and Arasaka put him back together in full borg form. In return, Arasaka made him their personal grim reaper who did their dirty work. My thinking is that Arasaka, seeing V as a valuable asset, brings them back from Mikoshi and puts them on another relic chip and slots it into a completely synthetic body. This will negate the need for a compatible phenotype. In return, Arasaka will make them their new Adam Smasher.

  24. I tbh was satisfied with the endings, some served as an end of an chapter divided into diffrent acts. CDPR probably intended this to fell like it, atleast from my assumption, probably expanding into the story, with V trying to figure out how to save himself. And that there are no real happy endings is rather refreshing, since it wouldnt be unique with a cookie cutter happy ending, thats just not how this go in Night City.

  25. One interesting thing about Panam ending is that in a msg she tells him that a storm is coming and even though she doesnt seem that often she will see him soon…now i think she will get kidnapped by Yurinobu and gonna get held in the crystal palace. Now there is this corporation stormtech and they are actually really close to the nomad nations and i think they will help V to get in crystal palace…kinda feels like the next exapnsion to me.

  26. the rogue ending is more likely the canon ending if you really think about it that ending totally complete Johnny's story by having him kill Adam Smasher ….having one last ride with rogue and having Johnny destroying the arasakas like he always wanted, and V finally becaming the Legend of night city like him and Jackie always wanted to be and V wouldnt want the alcedados to die for him specially Panam ….THAT is the ending that sound more canon to me and you got to see while Mr Bleu Eyes send you to assault the crystal palace he made a deal with V he probably do got a Cure for V Mr Bleu eyes is obviously powerful or V can find a Cure in the Palace there a many ways V can be cured with this ending so dont just write it off

  27. I don't see the giving the body to johnny ending working out for possible future dlc, one big key reason to this is keanu reeves is expensive to get a hold of, and i doubt very much so that he'd want to dip his toes into this game again after the launch fiasco, plus from a story arc perspective this was either V's will to give him his body or johnny who went with rogue, confronts V and steals it from him, basically backstabbing V, the fact you can backstab yourself in this game is both fucked but also interesting.
    my own idea for this ending is johnny learning from scratch, being wiser, not messing around with tequilla, nights out, whores and stuff, but rather start anew, maybe write some songs, perhaps meeting new people, changing his name, it is also hinted in the temperance ending that if you are female V, johnny tells steve that he wont be a girl for long, meaning that johnny plans to have a sex change surgery on female V's body to make himself Male again.
    I think johnny leaving with ur body, signing up a contract with arasaka or suicide are all of the unused and impossible future dlc endings, this leaves the sun and stars and the world ending, i think there is room for the world ending, you sided with arasaka, you decided to leave on your own terms and accept death 6 months or so from now, to that point you return a broken man, shattered hopeless, you lost and blew your chance, and the top execs who could've helped you didn't, you lose and suffocate yourself back in night city, in the same gonk apartment in the same gonk place, but at least you still got a few friends left, who might make your life a bit easier. This path is the one Dex hinted at "do you wanna be mr.nobody smelling of cat piss and die of ripe old age?" This however isn't possible since V is 23 years old and in here he's got 6 months left.
    According to Misty the devil in the tarot cards is the will to survive and incarnate desires, it also means betrayal so you betrayed yourself to hope to survive yet that lead you nowhere, i wouldn't be surprised if the follow up to this ending would be V commiting suicide shortly after arriving to earth in his own room, or maybe after some time.
    The sun ending is basically a suicide mission, you are told to gather intel inside the crystal palace casino, an impossible mission only fitting for the best in the world, i imagine in this ending, V actually gathering the data for mr.blue eyes but not being able to escape and dies there to multiple bullets to the skull.
    that leaves only the panam ending, this to me is the cannon ending, you can leave with judy and she'll be happy if you're female V, you can leave with Panam only if you're male V and that's what they always wanted. Saul was a crucial part of panam's development and growth, and if you think joining the desert rat nomads is weird for a cannon ending, just listen to what Gingy said, in Arizona they believe some folks could help you, so yes i can expect a mini map dlc post main story where only this ending is the cannon one, in here V wil have to sacrifice more friends to be able to cheat death one more time, at this stage i believe he might lose alot more just to get his life back and maybe being away in arizona now has no meaning anymore so maybe he returns to night city for a new beggining, and to meet old friends, i fear the worst though, perhaps three possible scenarios with a arizona dlc:
    1: the solution is sacrifice, one or more of V's closest friends sacrifice themselvs to restore v's soul
    2: v refuses to sacrifice his friends and stays on target to die soon
    3: secret ending, a boss fight if you will to betray those who make a bargain with V to aid, but instead he forces them to, thus not sacrificing anyone and gets the nessecary aid to get his life back too.

    sorry for the lack of ponctuation and capital letters.


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