V's Theme | Cyberpunk 2077 Soundtrack

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Track: V’s Theme (V by Marcin Przybyłowicz)
From Cyberpunk 2077 Original Game Soundtrack


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  1. 10/10 on the endings. Cyberpunk teaches you in parallel to real life that sometimes life just isn’t fair. What matters at the end of the day is how you want to live out your life. Ultimately your choice (to live & struggle or to die) affects the people around you and your legacy.

    “Never stop fighting”

  2. "in night city you can be whoever you want"
    I can't! I just can't! V is such a good character as a protagonist with johnny that i can't play with myself, i play with V and Johnny not bianca! I loved the story of this game and I can speak with confidence that it is my top 1! I can't wait to CD fix the bugs to launch the online
    mode soon

  3. I like to imagine a little story set to this music, starting from 0:35.
    0:35 – In some security centre overseeing Arasaka sites, it's another busy day. Monitors show the status of locations all over the world. A slow pan through the monitors lets us see CCTV camera feeds and status displays of various facilities in buildings. The everyday hustle and bustle of facilities in Europe, where it's currently work hours. Everything is under control. Nothing indicates that within less than 30 minutes, all this will change and a disaster will occur.

    0:57 – A quiet alarm goes off, gradually fading in from the noise in the room. It's late night on the East Coast; the alarm comes from the Corpo Plaza site in Night City. Someone tripped the metal detector at the front entrance. A new message flashes on Corpo Plaza site's status: "intruder alert". The operator quickly flips through the cameras and switches to the entrance view. A single person has breached the door and is approached by security.

    The operator's hands tremble for a moment when he sees the intruder viciously murder the three elite guardsmen in a matter of moments using top-of-the-line weaponry. Three boxes on another monitor switch colour and display a status indicating that agents are not responding. The operator immediately punches a few buttons on the control panel.

    1:18 – A louder alarm replaces the previous one. Cameras in Arasaka Tower show the place going into lockdown. All security is dispatched. Other operators take notice and join in to assist. For a few tense moments, the cameras show a lone cyberpsycho walk into the empty lobby, before he/she is met with security.

    1:28 – A rapid-fire montage of scenes depicts a nightmare scenario unfolding before the overseers' eyes, interspersed with shots of the intruder in combat. Multiple boxes representing the guards' status go from "OK" to "not responding" at a time. Distressingly, even the two heavy combat mechs get crushed in a blink of an eye. Electronic devices in the tower going offline due to powerful malware. More alerts start appearing: unauthorised access to elevators in the lobby. Deaths keep piling up at an alarming rate. The psycho tearing through security bots like they're made of paper. Messages from Arasaka Tower are now filling up the majority of monitors in the room. There's now a huge commotion in the security room.

    1:50 – The monitors go red. The site's status changes from "intruder alert" to "under attack", something unseen since 2023. Automated mails go crazy, every employee receiving critical security alerts. In mere minutes, the attack becomes far worse than anything ever seen before. The mainframe is breached. A rogue AI is wreaking havoc in the systems. Adam Smasher's contingent is not responding. Mikoshi is compromised, all data and backups erased. Firewalls fail to contain the cyberattack. Everyone on site has had their brains liquefied through cyberware malfunction. Other sites are now under attack, too. Operators in the security room stare in shock and disbelief.

    2:11 – Another alarm sounds off. The security room itself is under attack now, too. ICE is bypassed within moments. The doors forcibly shut and lock. The operator's vision goes blurry as his cyberware reports a malfunction. A sizzling sound is heard. Servers in the room overheat and explode. The last shot shows the room on fire, overhead lights flickering, monitor displays glitched, broken or frantically flashing too many alerts to display, fire sprinklers are on, security personnel lies dead or stumbles wounded.


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