Top 5 Game Changing Community Mods of 2020 – Cyberpunk 2077

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Showcasing my top 5 picks for community made Cyberpunk 2077 mods you definitely should check out. Includes how to install them and what they do. Mods that help you get what you want, improve performance, and even let you see dem titties.

Better Vehicle Handling
Autonomous Reshade True HDR
Underwear Remover
Cyber Engine
18 iconic
Fling Trainer

Cyber Engine Console Codes:

📧Business Email: [email protected]

0:00 Intro
0:53 Fling Trainer
2:08 Autonomous Reshade
3:54 Better Handling
5:23 Cyber Engine
6:41 Underwear Remover

HEAD SPLITTER – (check him out!)
Donkey Kong Country (Rare)

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26 thoughts on “Top 5 Game Changing Community Mods of 2020 – Cyberpunk 2077”

  1. Dan comment “ur PC doesn’t have to be pc” Love that comment and all that you said in regards to all that shit. We can have mature rated adult books and comics and movies and TV shows but God for bid we have a game that way. Every other medium is fine but not games no no no I have to be safe about that. It’s OK to show torture scenes or to blow someone’s head off and all that shit but don’t want to have any nudity, that’s only allowed for certain types of medium screens. I am so fucking sick and tired of hypocritical PC bullshit… Dot can we just have fucking immersion and let people be grownups and decide if they want to be involved with that or not. It’s not the worlds/games Fault to conform to your whims, the world/game should be allowed to be as immersive as it Canby and if you have an issue with that, then that’s your fucking problem not the world. Because the world is just being true to what it is, which makes it immersive. Anyway LOL

  2. Why would you cheat in a game like this? it quite literally ruins the whole experience and genuine level gaining and leveling up , the whole point that makes an RPG fun. If youve beaten it already, then Sure. Cheats just arent for me.

  3. Yea the two problems that I have with the game is the navigation with the map and the handling of the cars and bikes on keyboard. TL;DR: Map navigation and handling of cars and bikes are kinda frustrating to use sometimes. Needs improvement.

    When you do the racing part with Claire, I thought that was the best way to implement navigation for driving. There were sometimes I just kept going down a road and there was a sudden right i never saw in the slightest. ofc the car wouldn't be able to stop until i was already way far away from the turn. I've gotten so used to the surprise turns that I just stare at the map and just start to slow down every time an intersection or if I know I've been going straight for too long because there's a turn coming up and the map hasn't changed yet.

    While driving, the cars would handle hella squirrely the whole time. I couldn't go too fast or the slightest tap to the right or left would have me crashing into the people, lightposts, or the concrete walls. What's the point of getting any of the fast cars they had us fall in love with if i can't even drive it faster than 40 mph w/o crashing seconds of getting in? I'm not sure why people that covered the game said driving was fine..its kinda scuffed, but..whatever.There are a few cars that handle ok, but very clearly they are the ones Devs like a bit more than the others. You can actually drive them and be able to make a turn while having some control of the car.

    The navigation for some missions needs some work. I swear the ones that have you go to the mall are the worst. The first time it had me go in there, I would turn me around in circles, it lead me into walls saying this is definitely the best way out of the mall to complete the quest (clearly I can't walk V through the wall). Finally when I got a reduction in fall damage I had to just go to the highest part of the mall and jump out of it. That was the only way to get out because the map and the navigation was of no help. I'd still be in there if my V wasn't as tanky. After the mission with the Voodoo Boys, I knew I was never going back in there. If there is something Iconic in there, I'll be fine without it.

    Besides the two missions that have bugged out on some people (me included), I'm still loving the game. I am currently on the last bit of the main story and trying to finish everything before doing that mission. If the devs can't fix the two missions that are bugged out by the time I am done with the gigs and ncpd scanner jobs, I'll just go on and finish the main story. I'll have two other playthroughs to try and see the end of those two missions.

  4. And this here is why I went out of my way to get it for PC instead of console (in hindsight…thank goodness I did with the BS happening there)
    Witcher 3 was always a great game, but the right mods could make it next level. Looking forward to what the community cooks up for this, thou all the controversy around the game atm is making it 'cool to hate' on the interwebs right now which might put a bit of a damper on the mod scene until some things get ironed out and CDPR stops putting their foot in their own mouth.

  5. Better Controls Menu is my top mod at the moment, allowing me to rebind that primary interact button was huge.
    Also running Better Vehicle Handling and enjoying this game way more because of those two.


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