This Game Was Originally In Third Person – Cyberpunk 2077

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Cyberpunk 2077 was originally supposed to be in third person, the switch to first person haulted development progress which could be a defining factor in why the game indeed feel only half finished.
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24 thoughts on “This Game Was Originally In Third Person – Cyberpunk 2077”

  1. it's like how destiny 2 has swords and people do jumping puzzles with swords just so they can use the 3rd person camera… cyberpunk 2077 needs a 3rd person camera just like it needs to be fixed

  2. I don't want to be over dramatic and say I'm mad about this. But the demos clearly showed third person cut scenes. That was removed from the game but still it was a blow. That's I think 3rd person actually works

  3. It would have been absolute shite in 3rd person. The whole point was realistic and immersive hence why they changed it to first person on further debate.
    Since when is following yourself around like a drone realistic.
    I’d much rather “be” the character in the action than watch them doing it, awkwardly trying to aim and watching stupid 3rd person animations 😂 Thats even more immersion breaking than the bugs

  4. Regardless if this leaks real or not, developing a game with TPP design heavily coded & then adding FPP feature after launch is probably easier than developing a game with FPP design heavily coded & then add TPP feature in the future. This is why you rarely see a third person mods in FPP games, but will see plenty of FPP mods in a third person games.

    Also, imagine if the game is a semi third person instead. basically camera will go:
    + Third person: while exploration & melee combat
    + First person: while exploration, shooting combat, & dialogues/scenes.
    I think it would have been a balance design, while also keeping that immersive feelings.

  5. Well we can now see why they made this a ONLY first person view now… they was not ready or finish to design it in Third person and that the least of the things they did not add, fix or improve in the game this game really should have been delay till after 2022 and later. Why they release it in 2020 I do not know, I hope they fire the people who order the dev to release the game, because they don't listen to the community at all!! and we would not be in this mess!!


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