The Maelstrom Pickup | Cyberpunk 2077 – Blind Playthrough [Part 5]

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22 thoughts on “The Maelstrom Pickup | Cyberpunk 2077 – Blind Playthrough [Part 5]”

  1. when you hack into a camera and disable it if you're ever detected enemy net runners will re-enable the cameras and use them to hack into you from a distance and you can also use the cameras to hack into them while hidden etc when Jackie gave you the militek training shard the extra training shows this and other stuff pretty fun since many ways to deal with areas and threats

  2. You may find the "Hide Read Shards" mod useful, it does what it says — most of the time (identical shards in the same area won't be hidden until reloading). It's a nice QOL mod if you're trying to read them all.

  3. You should remove the suppressor from you weapon if going loud, you'll get damage penalty in normal fighting. Going all sneaky like it'll give you bonus. Also, loot everything. You can sell the stuff at vendors or drop points or dismantle it straight from inventory into crafting components.

  4. At 14:01, if you succeed on the 2nd level of decryption you get a copy of the Synapse Burnout quickhack, which is actually a great quickhack to have, does a ton of damage often 1-shotting weaker enemies.

  5. one of my favorite builds is a Sandevistan using Gunslinger, Cool Reflexes and Tech. I use a revolver, turn on my sandy, and pop heads…. it's so fun walking through an area full of enemies, flicking on your sandy, and killing all of them with a shot to the head before any of them even notice you….

  6. Maybe you've found out on Patreon already, but the Wardrobe option in the inventory lets you equip whatever clothes you've picked up (no need to own them or have them in your inventory anymore) and you'll get that appearance. The slots normally accessible are there for stat-boosting gear. This way you get to have the fashion you like and wear stat gear at the same time.


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