The Legend of Morgan Blackhand | Cyberpunk 2077 Lore

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This video essay covers the story of Cyberpunk’s BEST Solo & Night City Legend. Morgan Blackhand. A Solo and Covert Operative for Militech Arms International, he’s known as the best. Even scoffing at Adam Smasher’s supposed rivalry. So just who is he and where did he come from?

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Cyberpunk 2077 P.T Adamczyk – Just Another Weapon

0:00 – Introduction
3:50 – Early Life
5:10 – Post War Veteran
6:15 – Militech Recruitment
7:10 – 2010 – 2021
8:30 – Fourth Corporate War
14:30 – AHQ Bombing
18:50 – Time of Red
19:30 – Where is he in 2077
20:45 – Mike Pondsmith
21:15 – Appearance in Phantom Liberty
21:40 – Thanks for Watching!

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24 thoughts on “The Legend of Morgan Blackhand | Cyberpunk 2077 Lore”

  1. I hope you all enjoyed the video and learned some new information! This was a fun one to make, especially because it gives me the chance to see how far my content has come. Let me know all your thoughts down below and have a great week chooms!

  2. Have you done any research on Doctor Paradox, or Maximus Mikes Radio Brodcasts. Both are pretty cool to listen to but wasn’t sure if there was more to these characters from the books and table top

  3. Okay, I've had these thoughts about Morgan Blackhand and Cyberpunk 2077 lore in general. So I'm just going to just share them.

    I don't think there was ever anything official (or even any fan theory) about this but I've always felt that there is a rough concept of a good/human/no cyberware VS evil/inhuman/no ganic scale. It's not really in the game but there's quite a few sources (datashards) that subtlety show the player who their V can be. Your V can be a merc like Morgan Blackhand (good, non-lethal, passive, minimal cyberware,humanity) or like like Adam Smasher (evil, enjoys killing, cruel, full borg, inhuman)

    To be continued….

  4. By the way guys it’s a very high chance that Max Mike is Blackhand. Not only are they the same person Irl, but if you listen to max mikes radio station broadcasts; he knows A LOT of stuff and the one thing he expresses frustrations the most on, is the lies surrounding the arasaka bombing. At the end of one of his broadcasts talks he literally says if you want to make it in night city, “become a solo. It worked for me in the past.”
    I mean, pretty obvious to me but idk I know there is people who disagree with everything

  5. I know I don't have have as many followers as you but I had to give yah a shout on my channel for being a main choom choom especially near my birthday much love choom here's to many years to come of lore and speculation!!

  6. Nice intro dude. Never thought Morgan ever did return to Militech – they tried to off him! Several times. Using several methods. Including the nuke.
    Part of my opinion really does come down to actually liking CyberGen ':).

    Personally, I hope he's off sipping Martinis somewhere nice. But he's probably on the run from everyone after him now. More than likely it'll lead him right back to NC in the end.
    Hope Max Mike finishes Morgan's story soon. I'm really curious to know the fates of more 2020 characters – so far we only really have Rogue and Boa Boa. :/ Some of the Forlorn Hope from Red too.


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