The "Good Guy" Corporation – Biotechnica | Cyberpunk 2077 Lore

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This video covers the creation and uprising of Cyberpunk’s Biotechnica Corporation. The creators of the synthetic fuel CHOOH2, Human Clones, and mass farmed SCOP for Night City’s food supply.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Arasaka Devil Ending OST

Intro: (0:00)
1990s: (1:45)
2000s: (4:14)
2020s: (6:20)
Time of Red: (7:00)
2070s: (8:10)
2077: (10:05)
Outro: (13:05)

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23 thoughts on “The "Good Guy" Corporation – Biotechnica | Cyberpunk 2077 Lore”

  1. The fact that Biotechnica is "the least worst of the Corpos" is a scary idea digging into their history.
    Of all the horrible acts done by Corps, Arasaka and Biotechnica are probably the last people you wanna deal with. Soul Killer and Red Orchid live rent free in my head when playing the game.

  2. So I have discovered a secret storyline with cyberpunk 2077. Which goes along with your video. Biotechnica/PetroChem. So in this hidden story line V. Has a task to bring down N.C. power grid. In this hidden quest I have ruptured the nuclear power station in arroyo. That was interesting that whole area was in this green haze. Then after that I was able to take down the power grid. Which is important because there are actually 6 different fuels in the game. All biofuels/ all reusable energy. Last thing I am very close to bringing fresh water to the game. If you want to see anything I am talking about I am willing show.

  3. Here is how would save V as a corpo and street kid ( the aldecado route is Fd from the get-go)
    As corpo, since araska keeps records of their employees, they would keep their DNA too. To either give to their medical team or use trauma team in case of emergency. To replace limbs and blood transfusion.
    Of biothecnica clone facility is anything good, i would raid/infiltrate Arasaka, take a copy of my records so they find suspicious its missing(with all the shit V been doing in the city they would take notice)
    Take that copy to biotechnica clone my body by infuse some animal DNA, first Meta/Chimaera hybrid human that doesn't look like animal like.
    Instead of having implants that new body would've similar fucntions.
    Gorilla arms- gorila muscle mass for biceps.
    Jump higher, run faster? Cheeta and tiger Dna for the legs.
    There are some animals the precieve stuff in slow montion. Or just use Kreznicov. (would still need a port to hack and stuff)
    That would bypass the we cannot clone u know cause Johnny is to integrated in ur brain.
    Use the same process use saburo used to to relic Johnny. Let the rocker boy have my old body and transplant to the new although some memories would be lost.

    For street kid just need to find a way to store V's DNA before V puts on the relic. Then same process with biothecnica.

  4. Considering that they probably had a hand in the extinction of many plants and animals, uprooting families who had to become Nomads in order to survive. The Red Orchid experiments. The painkillers that caused a degenerative neural disease and they are supposed to be the least bad option.

  5. Remember finding the shard about the biotechnica break-in and about saving one pregnant woman I figured it was a Mad Max reference as there are a lot of movie Easter eggs and video game easter eggs in cyberpunk.

  6. So totally different topic but I sure you chooms would agree yeah cyberpunk had a rocky start for some people on other consoles but was playable and enjoyable why is other people letting a new game (won't mention which one..) a pass when they criticized this magnificent piece….double standards in gaming is bullshit….


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